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Who’s Slammy Awards IV (2013)

Voting starts on Tuesday, December 2, and ends at the start of the ITR Who’s Slammy Awards IV edition of IN THE ROOM, which airs on Tuesday, December 30, 2013. Voting will occur on the IN THE ROOM Facebook Page or by e-mailing your votes to

Best Radio Show (2012: HIAC, 2011: ITR, 2010: ITR and Bolin Alley)

  2. DimpleDate
  3. HIAC
  4. What’s Wrong with Wrestling
  5. Nerd Herders

“Ga Head” – Interview of the Year (2012: Stacy Carter (ITR), 2011: Hulk Hogan (VOC), 2010: Jerry Jarrett (For the Love of Wrestling))

  1. Vito LoGrasso
  2. Zach Gowen
  3. Jesse Neal
  4. Tatevik The Gamer
  5. Damian Dragon

Slammed! Best Rivalry (2012: Harry Barnett vs. Ratboy, 2011: Harry Barnett vs. Brady Hicks, 2010: The Message Board vs. Brady Hicks)

  1. Harry Barnett vs. The American Roughneck
  2. Ray Bogusz vs. John from Rhode Island
  3. Harry Barnett vs. Ratboy
  4. Harry Barnett vs. Brady Hicks
  5. Brady Hicks vs. Derrick McDonald

Where Have You Gone? MIA Star of the Year (2012: Papadon, 2011: Tommy Fierro, 2010: Brian Solomon)

  1. DJ
  2. Kathie Fitz
  3. ITR (January)
  4. John from Rhode Island
  5. Harry Barnett

Best of the Board/Callers (2012: Ratboy, 2011: Vince Gillett, 2010: Big Ern)

  1. Ratboy
  2. John from Rhode Island
  3. Mr. Akbaz
  4. Mike Bessler
  5. Royce

Most Original Concept (2012: HIAC Takes Over ITR, 2011: ITR Fan Conclave, 2010: Bolin Alley’s “Light’s Out”)

  1. Rap Battle Contests
  2. ITR Kayfabe News Segments
  3. TBH Music Experience
  4. DimpleDate Live from Che-Zus Bar and Grille
  5. Harry Barnett’s Brady Hicks Shoot


It’s Who’s Slammy Award Time!

Photo by WWE


It’s time. It’s time! IT’S SLAMMY TIME TIME TIME TIME!!! The 2012 Who’s Slammy Awards will take place on a special Thursday night, December 27, 2012 edition of IN THE ROOM, LIVE 9:30/8:30 PM CT on WEXP Philly and Please vote for one in each category (polls close on 12/27 at 9/8 CT).

Best Audio Show (Wrestling) nominees:
2011 and 2010 Winner – IN THE ROOM

  • Between The Ropes
  • Book Club
  • Da O Show
  • Hell in a Cell
  • What’s Wrong With Wrstling
  • XOC Podcast

Best Audio Show (Entertainment) nominees:
2011 Winner – IN THE ROOM, 2010 Winner – The Bolin Alley

  • DimpleDate
  • Fish Tank
  • Hell in a Cell
  • Jay V Mail
  • Saturday Night Akbaz
  • XOC Podcast

Rookie Content Award nominees –
2011 Winner – Squash Match Sunday (Young John)

  • Book Club
  • DimpleDate
  • Fish Tank
  • Hell in a Cell
  • John Campbell Podcast
  • Papadon Show
  • Titus Machiavelli Show
  • Vendetta Pro Radio
  • The Sports Show

Best Videocast nominees:
2011 Winner – Completely Damaged

  • Completely Damaged
  • Fan Mail with Robert Knight
  • Scoop Slam
  • Steppin’ Out with Sassy Stephanie
  • This Week in Wrestling
  • WRESTLING Reflections with Darin Corbin

“Ga Head” – Interview of the Year nominees:
2011 Winner – Hulk Hogan (VOC Nation), 2010 Winner – Jerry Jarrett (For the Love of Wrestling)

  • Daniel Bryan (Between the Ropes)
  • Stacy Carter on Jerry Lawler (IN THE ROOM)
  • Steve Corino (Hell in a Cell)
  • Angelina Love (Da O Show)
  • Bob Levy (Hell in a Cell)
  • Joey Ryan (IN THE ROOM)
  • AJ Styles II (IN THE ROOM)

Slammed! Best Rivalry nominees:
2011 Winner – Brady Hicks vs. Harry Barnett, 2010 Winner – Brady Hicks vs. The Message Board

  • Brady Hicks vs. VOC Nation
  • Ratboy vs. Harry Barnett
  • Mike Bessler vs. Mr. Akbaz
  • Brady Hicks vs. DJ
  • Dean Dixon vs. The Monster Factory
  • Ray Bogusz vs. Mr. Akbaz

Where Have You Gone? MIA Star of the Year nominees:
2011 Winner – Tommy Fierro (PopTheCrowd), Brian Solomon (WSW Main Show)

  • Kevin McElvaney (Bowling Shoe Handsome)
  • DJ (Hiatus II)
  • Young John (Bowling Shoe Handsome, Squash Match Sunday)
  • Papadon (feud with Brady)
  • Anthony Sarlo
  • Mr. Akbaz

Best of the Board (and calls) nominees:
2011 Winner – Vince Gillett, 2010 Winner – Big Ern

  • John from Rhode Island
  • Ratboy
  • Royce
  • Jason
  • Mr. Akbaz
  • Harry Barnett

LOL ES – Seemed Cool At the Time nominees:
2011 Winner – Kevin McElvaney (Match Madness), 2010 Winner – Tommy Fierro (cup of coffee with WWE)

  • Harry Barnett as a bad guy again.
  • “Wrestling Rainman” John.
  • Brady Hicks making fun of Papadon.
  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Episode.
  • ITR Female Co-Host Search.

Scumbag of the Year nominees:
2011 Winner – Sid (no-showing ITR), 2010 Winner – Mark “Not” Long (board trolling)

  • Brady Hicks (does a reason even need to be here?)
  • VOC Nation (handling of Brady Hicks situation)
  • DJ (Hiatus II)
  • Mr. Akbaz (insensitive slurs, leaving site)
  • Harry Barnett (not letting go, 1+ year later)

Most Original Concept nominees:
2011 Winner – ITR Fan Conclave, 2010 Winner – “Lights Out” by The Bolin Alley

  • John from Rhode Island’s Songs (John from RI)
  • TWD Invades (Mike Bessler)
  • ITR SuperShows (Brady Hicks)
  • Hell in a Cell’s Live Indie Coverage (Dean Dixon)
  • ITR Female Co-Host Contest (Brady Hicks)
  • Hell in a Cell Takes Over ITR (Brady Hicks, Dean Dixon)
  • PPVs: How Much Would You Pay? (Mr. Akbaz)

Best Impression nominees:
2011 Winner – , 2010 Winner – Don West (DJ)

  • ROH Employee (Tommy Fierro)
  • Cyndi Lauper (Dan Law)
  • Sylvester Stallone (Mr. Akbaz)
  • Vickie Guerrero (Brady Hicks)
  • Triple-H (Mr. Akbaz)

Old Awards —
Be Clogging People – Fattiest of the Fat
2010 Winner – Kevin’s Mom’s Mashed Potatoes

Who’s Slammy Who Award Nominations

It’s time for the 2011 Who’s Slammy Who Awards! Listed below are the categories and nominees. Voting opens on WEDNESDAY, November 30th and runs until IN THE ROOM goes LIVE on the air for the 2011 IN THE ROOM Who’s Slammy Who Awards Edition on Tuesday, December 27th!

Please vote for one in each category.

2011 Nominees


  • Five Syllables or Less Review
  • Bowling Shoe Handsome
  • Mat Minutiae
  • Squash Match Sunday


  • VOC Nation
  • What’s Wrong With Wrestling
  • Saturday Night Akbaz


  • VOC Nation
  • Saturday Night Akbaz
  • Mat Minutiae
  • Bowling Shoe Handsome


  • Squash Match Sunday
  • Completely Damaged TV
  • WrestleDope Radio
  • WSU TV


  • Hulk Hogan (VOC Nation)
  • The Young Bucks (IN THE ROOM)
  • Jamie Dundee (IN THE ROOM)
  • Matt Borne (IN THE ROOM)
  • Beth Phoenix (Between the Ropes)
  • Harry Barnett (Bowling Shoe Handsome)
  • Bushwacker Luke (IN THE ROOM)


  • IN  THE ROOM vs. Brother Jermaine (board wars ’11)
  • Brady Hicks vs. DJ (the hiatus)
  • vs. PopTheCrowd
  • Brady Hicks vs. Sid
  • Mr. Akbaz vs. drug dependency
  • Harry Barnett vs. Brady Hicks


  • Mark “Not” Long
  • Rich Baker (For the Love of Wrestling)
  • Tommy Fierro (PopTheCrowd)
  • Matt Roberts (Wrasslin’ Roundup)
  • Big Ern


  • Big Ern
  • Vince Gillett
  • Jason
  • Mr. Akbaz
  • Brother Jermaine
  • Pat Piper
  • TV’s Mr. Neil
  • Belongamick


  • Sid to Step IN THE ROOM
  • PopTheCrowd
  • Rich Baker jumps to PopTheCrowd
  • Kevin McElvaney’s Match Madness
  • Harry Barnett hacks


  • Tommy Fierro (treatment of IN THE ROOM when closing Who’s Slamming Who)
  • Rich Baker (jumping to PoptheCrowd, then retiring)
  • Brady Hicks (take your pick)
  • Sid (failing to honor commitment)
  • Brother Jermaine


  • Fan Conclave (IN THE ROOM)
  • Live Fox and Hound Broadcasts (VOC)
  • Fantasy Draft (Harry Barnett)
  • Five Syllables or Less (Mike Bessler)
  • Match Madness (Kevin McElvaney)
  • Book Club (Mr. Akbaz)
  • Design My Dolls (Belongamick)


  • Don West (DJ)
  • Triple-H, Foot Locker Manager (DJ, Brady, Kevin, Mr. Akbaz)
  • WebMD Kane (Kevin)
  • Buffet Kevin Nash (DJ)
  • Hot-for-Hardy Jim Ross (Kevin)
  • Superstar Billy Graham (Voice of Choice)


  • Kevin McElvaney
  • Anthony Sarlo
  • Mr. Akbaz
  • Mike Bessler
  • Derrick McDonald

2010 Recipients
Best Show (Wrestling): IN THE ROOM
Best Show (Entertaining): The Bolin Alley
Ga’ Head Interview of the Year: Jerry Jarrett (For the Love of Wrestling)
Slammed! Best Rivalry: Brady Hicks vs. The Message Board
Where Have You Gone? MIA Star of the Year: Brian Solomon of WSW
Be Clogging People – Fattiest of the Fat: Kevin’s Mom’s Mashed Potatoes
Best of the Board Commentators: Big Ern
LOL ES – Seemed Cool at the Time: Tommy’s Cup of Coffee with WWE
Scumbag of the Year: Mark “Not” Long
Most Original Concept: Lights Out (The Bolin Alley)
Best Impression: Don West (DJ)

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