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The Papadon Show (originally aired April 27, 2012)

Ladies and gentlemen … it’s time for another exciting edition of The Papadon Show, starring the one, the only, independent NYWC and ECWA superstar, and 2012 ECWA Super 8 champion … “The Greek God” … Papadon!

The Titus Machiavelli Show

The Titus Machiavelli Show … the podcast of the wrestling evil genius, Titus Machiavelli. Titus is the Top Wrestling Manager in California working in company’s like NAW, EVW, and Vendetta Pro. Email Titus at and tell him what you want to hear him talk about.

The Extreme Odd Couple with Steve Corino and Rob Dimension

On this week’s episode of the Extreme Odd Couple Podcast, our team of Rob Dimension and Steve Corino are preparing for Corino’s move down south. Corino makes a call in to explain how things are going…plus Dimension shares his views on his first day on set of the Horror short “No Clowning Around”. Corino discusses the Dreams Project wrestling show on Sept 23 in Birdsboro, PA. Dimension chimes in with his plans as well. Kim Dimension joins the madness this week as a stand in co-host and trys to help guys keep their women. Rob and Kim also give the greatest escape plan for the zombie outbreak…you wanted an answer, here you go! They discuss this past weekend’s flea market experience and going poo at the drive in. Plus, do people have manners anymore? Rob and Kim ask the fictious question – If you could only watch one TV show for the rest of your life…what would it be? You can still tell us what your answer would be. For all your information, visit the following:

WE would LOVE to see you guys come on out for the Dreams Project, Corino and Dimension are trying to pass along the great experieces that Wrestling has provided and how this can help kids today.

Heart Killer Rock Radio

“The Greek God” no-showed again this week, so Brady Hicks improvised. Now we hope he doesn’t get killed when Papadon finds out. Check back later for the MP3 that will be made available!

The Extreme Odd Couple with Steve Corino and Rob Dimension

One this weeks Extreme Odd Couple podcast, Corino tries to figure out just how much it would cost for Dimension to follow you on Twitter….apparently, it aint much! Wait until you hear who ruined Wrestling for Steve. Plus, what are the rules for Morning sex?? Don’t forget to tweet us the new “XOC Podcast” tag line. What are we? You decide. Follow us online @SteveCorino & @RobDimension plus, make sure you listen on iTunes, Stitcher Radio or directly on