A New Hope

Listen before I get any hopes up, this article will have NOTHING to do with Star Wars! Sorry Star Wars Nerds but I have a bigger issue!!

Today, I return to TheBradyHicks.com with a reason to be writing, I said I wouldn’t be back unless I had something and that day has finally come. Maybe it is the lack of entertainment that I currently have, I mean Smallville is finished and I have seen possibly every decent/good movie or TV series known to man so this may be my only way to kill time. Oh and by the way, your welcome for the variety in my shows, even when I don’t have Samoa sharing my time on the podcast I still give you the variety of entertainment such as my Smallville podcasts.

Ok, the obvious reason for me coming here today…


RIP Randy Savage

Photo by WWE

I don’t really write a ton on here. I keep trying to come up with ideas for a show and they are not working. So I have been waiting for perfect idea to hit me. Brady is the man and lets me stay on here and I thank him for that.

I just wanted to say RIP Randy Savage. Easily my favorite wrestler of all time. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

Guest Commentary: Lacey Von Erich

Photo by Lacey Von Erich

“I was asked by Brady to come on here and lend my thoughts on what’s going on in TNA, or I guess you’d call it Impact Wrestling now. I don’t see all that much of a difference, one way or another, because my DVR used to say “TNA Wrestling Impact” and now it says “TNA Impact Wrestling.” Anyway, people ask me all the time if I miss wrestling. NOT AT ALL! At this point I’m happy enough just making appearances and meeting the fans … it’s a lot easier on my body!!! I also wanted to say a word to my girlz, Velvet, Madison, and Angelina. Together, we were a force in TNA as The Beautiful People. I just don’t get what’s going on with ya’ll. Velvet, you’re getting mad at Angelina for getting drugged and basically being turned into a Zombie? Angelina, you allowed yourself to be brainwashed by Winter and to be controlled into turning on your own best friend?! WTF? Then you’ve got Madison, who I would say has such tremendous upside that she decided to part ways with the BP to focus on her own singles career. I told you at the time and I’ll say it again … shrewd move. But why the hell are you allowing yourself to get caught up in all this drama with Tara, and more worried about taking Mickie James’ hair than winning back your Knockout’s title. Get your act together girl! I’m Lacey Von Erich, and these are my thoughts.”–Lacey Von Erich, former TNA star

The Dave & Danger Show

Rich Jones’ weekly Minding The Business show will not air this week. In its place, thebradyhicks.com is proud to present the newest edition of The Dave & Danger Show, courtesy of the Georgia Wrestling History Network.

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Check it out as IN THE ROOM is invaded by members of the 1Wrestling Radio team, including “Voice of Choice” Bruce Wirt and the one and only Ratboy, as the extended gang takes a look at WWE Over The Limit and its potential ramifications. Plus, Brady and DJ take a look at TNA Sacrifice. Special thanks to former WCW and WWF Champion “Sycho” Sid Eudy … who dishonestly did NOT come on the show despite promising to do so … the show was certainly much better without you.


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