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Before I go into any great detail, I hate writing. Absolutely despise it! Just because I think I have some sort of attention problem, I get into writing something for a few minutes then walk away to try and focus again. But the idea came to me when I was out and about earlier so I thought I would share something.


Help – I Watched Reality TV

Photo Courtesy of WWE

Going back eleven years ago, we had the birth of ‘modern’ reality TV in Survivor and Big Brother (at least to my knowledge). People were hooked and from what I saw back then, five minutes was too much for me. I couldn’t stand that crap and basically made fun of anybody I knew who watched it. Friends would talk about the ‘Bachelor’ and I would tell them that I would rather tell a thousand people that I am a wrestling fan (let’s face it, it’s not always easy everywhere you go with the stigma attached to it) than tell ten people that I watch any reality TV show. Reality TV, in my humble opinion, was a sign of the decay of modern society. I was blown away that people would watch that utter garbage (obvious scripting, annoying characters, and lowest common denominator).

That was until Tough Enough showed up. I am afraid that I enjoy one reality TV show AND I am a wresting fan. The current season of Tough Enough has been consistently the most enjoyable hour of TV wrestling that I have watched the last few weeks. It does have the issues of other reality TV (in my limited and forced exposure to that crap) … especially editing and twisting the truth, but it has been a really enjoyable season. (more…)

Carny Knowledge

Matt “Doink” Borne makes his return to with another exciting edition of Carny Knowledge! Special thanks to!

For a direct link to the show:

Entertainment vs Wrestling

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Isn’t wrestling entertaining? We’re in the year 2011 and we’ve got a few thousand morons that take shots at WWE for being “entertainment” instead of wrestling, does it really matter what it is called as long as it does pretty much the same thing?

WWE claim they are no longer wrestling, but they are entertainment. What does that matter? What does watching wrestling do to you? Does it entertain you? So wouldn’t that make it entertainment? So wouldn’t that make anything from WWE to TNA to ROH to whatever you may call your wrestling company an entertainment show?

WWE is entertainment. TNA is entertainment. Wrestling is entertainment.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Harry Barnett and I am an evil man and I am here to share my view of the wrestling world with you. It’s just gone 1am and I am tired, look out for the show tomorrow night at the same time as always to find out the future of the show and a letter I received from lets say a wrestling company based out of Nashville and how I was able to deal with the problem they put in front of me. Of course, follow me on twitter @InstantClassicH.

Take care, spike your hair. Woo Woo Woo…. You Know It Bro.

Ramble On

Photo by WWE

Hazardous to the eyes

Jerry Lawler should have considered the side effects of mixing JR’S BBQ sauce with his toe jam before giving it to Michael Cole.  Why on Memorial Day Michael Cole wanted to see Vickie Guerrero in a bikini. Now I love Vickie but there is no way in hell do I want to see her in a bikini.  Does Michael Cole know how skimpy those things have become?  Band-aids are big and having a Mother of three, prance around in dental floss bottoms would make the strongest stomach’s want to hurl. Let Vickie stay covered, unless Michael Cole wants to be making an Impact on Spike.

The Truth

R-Truth is upset because he stopped Rap-Tapping; he lost 99.9% of his fan base when he did.  Well I am the one who has become a huge fan of R-T’s since he stopped. Really how many times can you answer “What’s Up” First it was the Sky, but finally I just kept on replying The Truth’s Career.  Than he came out with “Got Kronk” which threw Eve Torres into seizures and me into drinking just a little bit more. What the hell is kronk?  I remember WCW’s Kronik; kronk- a goose going threw an airplane engine? Kronk in your junk, maybe an illness?  To tell you the truth, Truth just ran out of damn entrance themes, maybe John Cena can teach R-Truth how to wrestle, and how to rap.

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