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Anyone who follows me on twitter or likes my show on facebook will know, yesterday I came up with possibly the greatest idea I have ever had! You should all be grateful I decided to stay awake instead of going for a sleep to type this!

So basically the idea came to me last night. Why don’t WWE have a comic/cartoon series? I understand that they have had several failed comics in the past and they are planning a cartoon series in the future but I can guarantee you THEY WILL SUCK!!
All it would take is for WWE to get the right people behind this concept, maybe go over to Marvel or DC and steal a few of their staff and they have Jerry The King Lawler who can design everything, this idea has the potential to be perfect!


Mr. Akbaz Suspended for Wellness Violation

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, August 11, 2011 – In accordance with its Talent Wellness Program, TheBradyHicks.com (TBH.com) has suspended Ak Smith (Mr. Akbaz™) for 30 days for his first violation of the company’s policy. He will still be permitted to leave comments on the site and message board, but is not permitted to blog or podcast his weekly Saturday Night Akbaz program during this period.

Guest Commentary: SoCal Val

“This week at Hardcore Justice, an IN THE ROOM – VOC Nation chant broke out. Not even kidding. I immediately went and talked to the girl in the front row who started that chant, to tell her I had met the legendary Ratboy! All I could think about was my encounter with him from the NWA Legends Fanfest this past weekend in Atlanta. I NOW CRAVE CHEESE! Seriously, you guys from that simulcast were all sweethearts, and it was so nice to be able to sit back and chill with you all. And let me go on record saying Ratboy makes for a heck of a date!”–TNA’s own SoCal Val

Will WWE make Punk their new Undisputed Champion?

Photo by WWE

Hi everyone, long time no ramble. I’m back and like everyone else I’m looking at the giant and almost certainly doomed PPV looming on the horizon. The entire show has been built around one angle. A rushed but still potentially great angle that begs the question, do WWE have the balls to have CM Punk go over Cena at SummerSlam? (more…)

Night time commentary, the next day time Talk Show?

Photo by reviewstl.com

WWE has a gold mine right underneath them and don’t even know it, in the WWE announce team.  Jim Ross is the Barbara Walters, upholding journalist integrity until they open their mouths and express themselves. Booker T has been five time world champion, with the cool dreads and the voice of the Wolf man, but really can we recall Sister Act?  Jerry casino Lawler’s puppy references are as old as Joy Behar.  Michael Cole is the Shepard who tries to pull a Whoopi over our eyes but jealously will get you no where. Finally the glue, the ref, and babysitter, Josh Matthews but like Hasselback does anybody listen?  Ladies of the View, I would be very careful for the voices of WWE will Smack you down with their Raw view.


New Use For An Old Flame

Photo by deviantART

Since he was thrown out on his ass by his son in law, Vince McMahon is probably looking for something to do with his spare time, than babysit for his spoiled daughter and super rich son in law.  He could do what every old, misused or no longer needed WWE star has done, join TNA.  TNA is a great company, located in the lovely retirement village ofOrlandoFlorida; Vince would be a shoe in. Why casino online TNA is full of handicap parking for the elderly and I heard that they serve prune juice and easy to chew foods backstage. Vince could reunite with his friends Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff, recount the times that they all left WWE; tried to bury the WWE only to come back crawling on their knees for a job.  Russo could give Vinnie Mac, a cool entrance, a cool gimmick, why Vince could redevelop his old 80’s musical gimmick. Vinnie could also giveDixielots of advice, from running a successful Pay per View, to not letting the nuts run her show. So Vince doesn’t want to commit to a long term contract, I say go ahead, you don’t have to show up half the time, Hogan and Bischoff just call in when they don’t want to show up. Vince TNA has been waiting for you, its your home away from the home.



WWE SummerSlam
August 14, 2011

Undisputed WWE (Raw) World Championship:
John Cena vs. CM Punk
Brady: Punk
DJ: Cena
Big Ern: Punk

World (Smackdown) Heavyweight Champion Christian vs. Randy Orton
Brady: Christian
DJ: Orton
Big Ern: Christian

Diva’s Champion Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix
Brady: Kelly
DJ: Phoenix
Big Ern: Phoenix

Sheamus vs. Mark Henry
Brady: Sheamus
DJ: Sheamus
Big Ern: Sheamus

Name – Total % (?/?), 2010, 2009 

  1. Big Ern – 73% (48/66), –, —
  2. Ratboy – 68% (13/19), –, —
  3. Anthony Sarlo – 67% (14/21), –, —
  4. AC Smooth – 67% (4/6), –, —
  5. Brady – 57% (142/248), 60%, 39%
  6. Young John – 56% (18/32), –, —
  7. DJ – 52% (85/165), 47%, 67%
  8. Kevin – 52% (89/170), 49%, 58%
  9. Queen of Mean – 50% (2/4), –, —
  10. Voice of Choice — 50% (3/6), –, —
  11. Vince Gillett — 49% (34/70), –, —
  12. Listeners – 43% (20/47), 50%, —
  13. Rich Jones — 41% (12/29), –, —
  14. Jimmy Snuka — 38% (3/8), –, —

Individual PPV Statistics


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