Tha O Show with Hulk Hogan

The guys at Tha O Show are close friends of the site and genuinely good guys. Check out their program this week as they interview the one and only HULK HOGAN!

O-sters! THIS is the episode of “Tha O Show” that you have been waiting for! Big Daddy Donnie and your bro, Dan-e-o are back in Tha Sick-O Zone for an IMMORTAL 219th episode!

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This week IN THE ROOM, Brady Hicks, DJ, and Kevin McElvaney talk Christian-Orton, Shane Helms, WWE Raw, and TNA’s upcoming pay-per-view. All that, plus Brady’s experiences at Legends of the Ring in Monroe, New Jersey, hanging out with Stacy “The Kat”  Carter on the long drive to Newark, Delaware, and a special preview of next week’s special guest, a FORMER WWF AND WCW CHAMPION!!! Thanks for the support!

Independent Thoughts: Are any of them original anymore?

Photo by Gabe Sapolsky

Independent wrestling can be a tough business.  Areas become saturated.  Costs escalate.  Talent can become thin.  So many things can happen to make it difficult if not impossible for an independent promotion to succeed.  So what can a promotion do to set itself apart?  Well, by definition, “setting apart” means different – What do I have that others don’t?  We see it in all walks of life.  Take movies, for instance.  Remakes may be nice sometimes, but people want to see something new – something original.  So why do independent wrestling promotions, who have a much shorter shelf-life than movie studios, continue to follow this pattern?


WWE masks the truth

When the ratings go down in Pro-Wrestling, it’s a given fact they will turn to Mexican wrestling for its fast paced moves and high flying action. But why did the WWE under mine the bio of Alberto Del Rio, before his debut they could have showed video’s from his best matches. They could have showed pictures of his Dad and Uncle wrestling in Mexico. Who knows would the Dos Caras give the Guerrero’s a run for their money? The WWE also under mined Sin Cara’s debuted too, these men have been fighting in Mexico for years, why not pay the copyrights and show this too WWE fans. Teach the fans about Mexico wrestling and how could their talents are? Who knows we might dawn ponchos and sombreros and move to Mexico.

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THE SHOOT CLUB with Rob Dicken


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