In the Room with Austin Aries

This week on the In the Room podcast, former two-time ROH Champion “A-Double” Austin Aries checks in and offers his thoughts on all things wrestling. A true gem for any Ring of Honor, TNA, WWE – or any wrestling – fan.


Maybe I wasn’t patient enough for my opportunity. Maybe I tried too hard to make my own opportunity. I don’t regret my time there. I’m eager to give, but the time just wasn’t right. Still, it was a time to do something different and see if it worked. It was a valuable experience.


On “Good” Matches:

If I’m the author of the story, how can I be wrong?

On his ROH Contract:

I’m going to just see what happens. I believe in ROH as a company, but I believe anywhere I go I can be an asset.


On the Younger Generation:

There are a lot of guys with a lot of potential. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough quality places for people to learn about wrestling. If you’re willing to stick with this long enough, you can really make a career out of this. You just have to be dedicated enough.


All that, plus, find out which current ROH midcarder A-Double believes could EXCEL in WWE, comparing ROH to ECW, who the REAL star of the WWF was in the 1980s, and much, much more.


Thanks everybody for their support!

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