In the Room with Nick “U-Gene” Dinsmore

This week on In the Room, Nick Eugene” Dinsmore stops by and offers his thoughts on everything from The Rock to Kurt Angle to Hulk Hogan to John Cena, plus the honor of competing in ths year’s ECWA Super 8 tournament, and the pleasures of eating with Kenny Bolin. Another great interview!

On Being “Eugene”:

I just wanted to do something different, and came up with this idea for a super-fan who couldn’t quite tie his shoes. I was happy with the way it took off. Eugene was a special boy that captured the imagination of the fans.


On WM21:

Muhammad Hassan had me in the Camel Clutch and I heard ‘Real American’ and out came the Hulkster with the red and yellow. I can’t even expain the emotion or how that fan reaction felt. That was a real career highlight for me.


On Defeating Kurt Angle for his gold medal:

Kurt has such a grasp on the businss and he really understood it. He was really rough on me. Every time I came out with a black eye or some sort of bruise or my hair pulled out. As much as I cursed him when we were in the ring together, he always brought it.

On the Ohio Valley Experience:

Looking back now, that time period was really special to me. John Cena and I lovingly refer to it as our Camelot. We didn’t know who would be called up. Truthfully, there were even more who should have been.

Plus, Nick speaks on the controversial nature of Eugene, his experiences in dealing with Eric Bischoff, and who from OVW should have become a big star as well. All that and so much more. Thank you everyone for your continued support!

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