In the Room with Eddie Kingston-6

This week on In the Room, Brady Hicks and the gang play a game of Russian Roulette with a fully loaded Eddie Kingston. Hear what the CHIKARA and Ring of Honor star thinks about a varety of topics. All that, plus discussion of WWE’s Money in the Bank pay per view. Apologies for some of the language.

On the POINT of Wrestling
A lot of the fans are jaded fans and I don’t blame them. At its most basic, wrestling is about seeing who would win a match and who the better man is. That’s why fans watch wrestling in the first place.

On Working with Tommy Dreamer
It was surreal. Very, very surreal. I remember going to the ECW Arena as a kid. Tommy was a huge inspiration for me. ECW itself was an inspiration. Those guys are who they are. They’re not “characters” … they’re themselves.

Mike Quackenbush put a lot of faith in me. He told me to go out there and just be me. I owe him so much for helping train me and allowing me to do what I do.

On TNA’s ECW Revival
I’m just happy that some of the ECW guys have jobs. I’m not going to knock it.

On the Daniel Bryan Fiasco
I hope he gets back there. I was realy into watching him on TV. Bryan, Low-Ki, and Homicide actually were all very influential to me. As a kid from the street I’m very proud to see them where they are, because they came from where I came from.

All that … plus, Eddie Kingston speaks on the prospect of wrestling for WWE, who he HATES on the Ring of Honor roster, and who he grew up idolizing in the 1980s NWA and WWF. Check it out at

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