In the Room with The Best Around (11/15/10)

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This week on In the Room, former CZW (and current ECWA and TWA) tag team champions Bruce Maxwell and TJ Cannon … The Best Around … hop on for a special edition of the show. Plus, Brady Hicks and DJ check in with their thoughts on Retro Raw, Survivor Series, and Jeff Hardy’s new TNA title belt.

On Independent, Tag Team Wrestling
To be honest with you, on the independent scene, there are more great teams than anywhere else. Any time we get to wrestle a great tag team, you do have a challenge there. The independent scene is full of young, hungry guys that are looking to make their mark.

On Young and Up-and-Coming Teams, Such as The Logans:

We’ve seen and heard a lot about The Logans, but we’ve never actually competed with them until we got to the TWA. We were excited to get in the ring with them.

On Wrestling for the ECWA:
We’ve had our eyes on the ECWA for a long time. When we were younger, we used to read all about the [Super 8] tournaments in PWI.

On the Art of Tag Team Wrestling:
There are a lot of things we do to compliment each other. People are just going to have to buy a ticket and enjoy the ride. Wherever we’ve been, we’ve had success on our first time out. There’s always something out there to strive for.

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  2. Actually, the stock NWO theme was just a bunch of Jimi Hendrix riffs. I don’t know all of the songs off the top of my head, but Highway Child was definitely in there. Not to be comfused with Voodoo Child, which was Hogan’s theme.

    WCW did that a few times, making ring entrance music out of pop songs not by the original artists or often “done in the style”. Jericho’s second theme in WCW was a rip of “Evenflow” by Pearl Jam. Hugh Morris had a variation of “The Zoo” by Scorpions. And then the ultimate rip was Hogan’s theme, which was a clone of “Real American”.