Too Many Cooks: WWE’s Flawed Philosophy.

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The one justification I keep hearing for there being a 40 man Royal Rumble and the excuse every fan or person in the industry keeps using is ‘ more people getting a paycheck’ Thats fine and all but it is indictative of a bigger WWE problem when that has to be used.

First off I need to make it clear I don’t want wrestlers losing food from their table. A fair pay for a good job well done is how the world should work and there are plenty of wrestlers out there that should be getting much more for the work they do. The problem is the way WWE keeps using that logic has put them into downward spiral. Lets take Wrestle Mania 26 for example. A week before, a match was announced between Showmiz and Morrison with R-truth. Why? More people getting a pay day. The Money In The Bank Ladder match had two more guys in. Why? Pay day. Worst of all was the womens title match that got turned into an all diva tag match. Why? PAY DAY. The problem with this was the show as a whole sucked because of this type of thing. The reason the show sucked is because the people being thrown on the card weren’t used in any meaningful way. No feuds or stories were developed or came out of any of these matches they were just there. That reminds me too much of WCW.

One of the biggest criticisms of TNA and in particular the X-division was it was a bunch of guys flying about for no reason and that meant nothing, the worst example of this being the first TNA live show where all the X guys were put into a cage and something was meant to happen. It did and that thing was a disaster. Russo or whoever, used classic WCW style booking of thinking throwing more people at the problem will make it better and it didn’t. Now for various reasons TNA seems to have stopped this somewhat when booking matches. Maybe they learned from it. The worry is WWE certainly havn’t.

Far too many times in the last year we have seen WWE put more people into matches than needed to be. How many times have we seen 6,8, 10-man tag matches for no reason, mixed tags, diva battle royals or fatal fourway matches. And more annoyingly nothing ever came from any one of them. By doing this WWE have become too much like WCW/TNA. Things will happen for no reason. People feud then just stop or someone gets a push then aren’t seen again. This has lead to a much poorer product which in turn has lead to less people watching and buying PPVs and means there is less money for people to be paid with and people lose jobs. It’s a problem WWE have created themselves and shows no signs of stopping with WWE having loads of people in developmental and appearing on Superstars whose only chance of being seen is being thrown into meaningless matches they shoudn’t be in like the 40 man Royal Rumble.

What can WWE to solve this problem? It’s simple. STOP. I have been lead to believe from people who know much more about booking a card or a match than me that everything should have a purpose. In that case don’t book a card with 10 matches if you only have enough material for 7. If you want to put more people on the show come up with a reason for why they are there. This to me was always the benefit of having a third title like the European or Cruiserweight. It gave more options. They could also try and put some of the spare people in tag teams. It isn’t the best way to run a tag division but some of the all time greats were teams thrown together in that way. WWE needs to sort this problem out otherwise fans will just not care anymore and tune out meaning far too many men and women who could and should have a chance to be great are going to be fired long before they have a decent chance to prove what they can do and without a decent competitor to go to the business as a whole will suffer.

Thanks for your time, feel free to contact me with any thoughts you have and keep wrestling alive

Vince G

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