Could HHH Be The Saviour We All Want?

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Seeing Vince on Raw recently made me realise he probably isn’t going to be around for much longer or at least not in charge of things. I don’t know if it’s because I hadn’t seen him for about nine months but time seems to really be catching up with him fast. Not only that but all he seems to do now is turn up to make a quick announcement or to announce a later announcement. The spark seems to have gone and whilst he is still the guy making big decisions, things in the WWE are changing quite alot and I think eventually they will be for the better. Enter Hunter.

If all the rumours and reports are to be believed it might soon be game over on HHH’s wrestling career. It’s already known that he is doing a lot more work backstage and even has his own little office. It could be very easy to be cynical about the whole thing, how he got to be in this position and things like that but I think if there is one person who can set the WWE back on course to being the best wrestling company in the world it’s him.

Firstly the developmental system: News has come out recently that HHH wants to totally overhaul FCW and developmental in general. He wants Jim Ross to become the developmental recruiter while HHH himself would oversee the territory’s operations. If this is true It certainly gets a thumbs up from me and I imagine everyone else who loves wrestling. If there is one person you would want to help a developmental territory it would be JR. Aside from his plethora of wrestling knowledge and experience he commands lots of respect amongst the vast majority of the wrestling community. HHH understands the importance of developing new talent. He has worked with the likes of Killer Kowlaski who trained him as well as the likes of Ric Flair, HBK, Vince, Mr Perfect and Kevin Nash which is an impressive list of guys who know about all aspects of the business and helped him get to where he is today.

A more mature product: I think realistically the best chance of a more adult product comes down to HHH. Whilst he is trying to learn about the business side of things the one thing he already knows is what goes into a successful wrestling show. Whilst he started his career in the mid nineties it was during the attitude era he made his name and has changed very little since then. He knows what fans want and expect and I think is quite likely he will to give it to them. There is always the possibility he won’t however once he starts to learn more about the financial side of things and will continue on with the kid orientated PG era. That being said WWE are having lots of problems both in terms of the quality of the product they put out and the interest in it. I think Hunter is more likely to stick with what he knows and return to the days of longer, better built, brutal feuds.

Less comedy: Mr Anderson recently did an impression of someone on a TNA show who said that he could never be a champ because he was too funny. Supposedly HHH said that. Whilst it is possible I highly doubt Hunter said that or if he did that he truly believed it. You don’t have to look hard when going over HHH’s career to find a bunch of comedy moments or skits some of which are considered classics. Im sure on some of those occasions he did that type of thing just because he could but at the same time he can be funny. Hunter is even about to release a movie that seems to be half a comedy (but totally awful). Even if Hunter isn’t the biggest fan of doing comedy bits some of the best television over the last decade has been going up against someone funny like the Rock, Jericho, Angle or even his idol Ric Flair. He knows how to use comedy when it’s needed so I think that aspect of WWE television won’t change. The style of comedy might but I doubt the show is all of a sudden go all serious.

Better Wrestling: This is something else I think we could actually see when HHH has more say. While he knows the importance of character at the end of the day Hunter is a wrestler. He knows it all boils down to two men facing off, one you want to win and one you want to lose. This basic idea is almost completely absent from both WWE and TNA nowadays but I think Hunter will try and fix it. You don’t spend decades idolizing a guy like Flair and trying to be the best Champion ever only to start hanging out with a bearded midget instead. I can’t imagine Hunter likes Hornswoggle segments or dance contests anymore than we do. That and the PPV buy rates kind of show that having a few weeks of comedy segments then a meaningless PPV aren’t working. Hunter should also know the importance of variety. He knows that tag teams matter aswell as cruiserwights and smaller guys. The work he did with guys like HBK and Jeff Hardy should show him that you don’t need to be huge to get over and be a major star.

Friends in high places: In wrestling just like in life it is often about who you know as much as anything. If there is one person who should know that it’s Hunter. Again we can all sit here and be cynical about things but either way he does have a history of being pals with the right people. Not only that but those who are friends of his have a funny habit of getting major pushes. Orton, Sheamus and Batista all come to mind. In the case of Batista it’s said he was heading out of WWE before he became buddies with Hunter and then things changed. I think it would be stupid to hope this kind of thing wouldn’t happen. In some cases it has worked out well but in other cases it hasn’t. Sheamus was pushed as a monster heel, won the title from Cena and then feuded with Hunter which included a Wrestle Mania match. Ironically in the year since HHH has been out and Sheamus hasn’t constantly been shoved down our throats that he has become a much better wrestler and assett to the company. The one good thing I see from this type of thing is Daniel Bryan staying around for a while given he is pals with Shawn.

Regardless I’m sure he will be successful in whatever role he has in WWE and I think it’s safe to say we all want really want see his match with The Undertaker especially if HBK gets involved.

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    mrakbaz says:

    when you think about small guys in wwe right now, there pretty badass,and only considered small because of all the monsters in the locker room, i think cm punk is a small guy, and his finishing move is pretty tough he must be really strong, kofi kingston, morrison, daniel bryan, with Past small guys i always liked hbk doing the elbow and then the kick because it made you believe that even if your small you could still make the big guys go down with your assortment of flying manuevers, mysterio got the world strap in wwe , but what is the definition of ‘small’ all these guys i mentioned are bigger then me your average fan, except maybe for mysterio but im sure he could whip my ass wnd hit me with a 619! he got diesel with it at rumble that was one for the ages, that was probably payback for when kevin nash threw him like a dart into a trailer on wcw nitro remember that?