IN THE ROOM with Shiima Xion (TNA’s DJ Z / Zema Ion) and Bobby Shields

Photo by WWE

This week IN THE ROOM, Brady Hicks welcomes #6 and #7 competitors in the ECWA Super 8 tournament … SHIIMA XION and BOBBY SHIELDS. Check out what these aspiring young stars think about where they are headed and what they think about this year’s tourney. All that, plus Brady and Kevin McElvaney talk up WrestleMania and take a special look at where The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Triple-H, and The Undertaker are headed as they ease their way back onto WWE television.

2 Responses to IN THE ROOM with Shiima Xion (TNA’s DJ Z / Zema Ion) and Bobby Shields

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  2. Avatar simon
    simon says:

    Just want to make a comment on the Triple H, Taker segment. I can appreciate how natural it may seem to involve Shawn, but for me when I saw the promo, I could only see this being about the streak. I think this is enough to carry it. Now obviously these two characters are so strong that all was said without words. I thought this was a nice touch by WWE. For me, what Triple H actions said; he is aware of the streak and all that have tried to beat it (including his best buddy the previous year), but he’s done it all… He wants to achieve what no other superstar has. The promo was strong and had an excitement about it. There was a hidden connection for those who know the history of the two characters and understand how titanic this match is. For the whole year speculation exists of who Taker will face, you look around the roster and wonder who can produce the level of performance required to take on the streak. The only two I could see were Cena and Triple H. So take it for what it’s worth but to me this is about Triple H having a pop at the streak being a strong enough character to do so. Not through a grudge over Taker retiring Shawn. I could of course be completely wrong.