11 years

Photo by ROH Wrestling
Photo by ROH Wrestling

Before I get into this, I just thought I would clear something up. I don’t intend on doing a regular article unless I have something of value to add because I don’t want to just repeat everything I say on my show every week.
So I simply titled this “11 years” as a generic title for the fact that I didn’t know what I was going to write before I wrote it, well I know kind of where I am going but this really could go anywhere!

So over the past 11 years, I have been a wrestling fan and I have experienced good, bad, ugly and spent I would estimate a good few thousand pounds on toys, games, dvds, videos, train tickets, coke (a cola for any sick minded people, sorry I always have to clear that up), pay per views and whatever else there is that I have spent money on in relation to wrestling and like most wrestling fans I wouldn’t have missed a moment of it for the world!

But when I think about it, looking back on the fact that this summer I would have been watching wrestling for 11 years and all I see is as good as an after effect of a bomb or apocalypse. I grew up on The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Triple H, The Undertaker etc from WWF (because I didn’t watch WCW until the dying last few weeks) and now we come to John Cena, Randy Orton, CM Punk, The Miz etc. Don’t get me wrong, I like The Miz/CM Punk and I used to like Orton but it’s just too the fact that so much has changed from superstars to pay per views to the brand extension or WCW/ECW to TNA and the part I will talk about in a bit… ROH.

Now the fact that I am talking about the change in a generation just brings up when people say “haven’t you outgrown wrestling?”, remind me what is the age limit on being a wrestling fan? THERE ISNT ONE!! and yet some people still seem to think you can outgrow wrestling. With very few things in 2011 actually surprising me or interesting me in wrestling and making me WANT to watch and not just watch out of habit like a bad episode of Eastenders I go onto my newest love….. ROH!

So im not going to tell this story in any particular order so if you get confused then I am sorry! It was sometime in the summer of 2010, so about a year ago that I came across ROH on HDNet on a youtube channel, now of course I like alot of people had heard of Ring of Honor but I hadn’t had the chance to watch them but after a few weeks of getting into them I realised I was in love with a wrestling company again much like I was with WWF in 2000. I saw teams like The American Wolves & The Kings of Wrestling, stars like Tyler Black (now Seth Rollins in WWE’s FCW) & Austin Aries and of course a faction like The Embassy and I thought to myself this is the alternative I have been looking for!
Ring of Honor have given me and those who have the ability to watch so many tremendous moments and this word I almost forgot about when it comes to wrestling: A SURPRISE.
Before yesterday I could have only pointed out one of these two but there are two moments that really stand out as huge shockers in my time of watching Ring of Honor or at least as the biggest shockers.

2010: The Necro Butcher joins The Embassy as The Crown Jewel
Until yesterday I thought this was the only surprise that I had seen in wrestling in years (bar The Rock returning to WWE just a few weeks ago). The very reason was because for months The Necro Butcher was the centre of The Embassy’s attacks and he even got injured at the hands of The Embassy until they played the storyline of when Necro was in the hospital Prince Nana was the only one to call him and he offered him the job in The Embassy, a classic if you can’t beat them then join them situation for Necro Butcher. Even now after finding out the second shocker this one is still the biggest surprise I have seen in wrestling in a very long time.

2011: Eddie Edwards wins the ROH World Championship BEFORE Davey Richards
After the months of Davey Richards attempting to win the ROH World Title and saying that he would retire if he didn’t win it or he didn’t mean anything without it and no one really expected to see Eddie Edwards on his first attempt win the title, or win it before Davey did. This poses quite a few questions like Will Davey Richards be one of the unlucky superstars to go down in history as never winning a World Championship? What does this mean for The American Wolves? Could Davey be turning heel on Eddie? Why didn’t they wait for the IPPV for the Title Change? Despite the questions I can say Eddie Edwards is a wrestler that I like, I hope to see him live one day and meet him like many of the others I have met.

It is shockers like these and the fact that wrestlemania is just 14 days away that makes me PROUD to say to those people with that stupid question of “haven’t you outgrown wrestling yet?” NO I HAVE NOT, I LOVE WRESTLING AND I PROBABLY ALWAYS WILL! The time now is 1am and I am going to bed. I leave you with this surprise as a closing shot. Goodnight wrestling fans.

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