Could John Cena Be The Smartest (Or Luckiest) Champion Of All Time?

Photo by WWE

To many wrestling fans this may sound crazy but it’s something I think should be considered. Now no one could call him the best Champion ever by any standard whether it be wrestling ability or overall popularity and yet he is still the biggest name in wrestling today, has been for a while and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. While Vince and WWE can take credit for most of that I think a lot of it comes down to Cena himself.

Firstly, He does what he is told: This really is one of the biggest things that has got him where he is. He started out with what was really no gimmick and then went on to be a white rapper. Really that gimmick should have failed and been nothing but a terrible wrestling memory but it wasn’t and by doing it he showed Vince he was a company man who would do what was needed good or bad. While many fans hate seeing talented men and women forced to act stupidly when they should be putting on great matches, doing what is asked regardless is one of the main parts of being a pro wrestler/sports entertainer in fact it’s one of the biggest. I once heard Austin say if he had been forced to be Baron Von Ruthless or Ice Dagger (What?!) when he first went to WWE he would have with a smile on his face. Why? because that’s what you do. Cena knew and excepted this and did it well. Now he can sit back and relax.

He plays his position: Again this is something a lot of great wrestlers have failed to do. No matter where on the card he was he adapted to it and acted accordingly. No tales exist of him getting ideas above his station or acting like a big shot. When he was a no one he was a no one, when he was mid card he was mid card and now he is champ is is the champ. It has yet to be seen if he could be one of those guys that can fit in anywhere on the card having been huge (Im guessing no) but he will certainly give it his best or at least enough.

If he has an ego he doesn’t show it: Well obviously he does have an ego otherwise he wouldn’t be who he is. What I mean is as of yet he hasn’t really done or said anything to wrinkle WWE noses. Most champions or top guys at some point do something stupid when their ego gets too big. Austin,Bret, HBK, Jericho, Flair, Rock, Angle, HHH and ofcourse Hogan have all reached that point where they felt they could do what they wanted and acted accordingly. Some only once and some others for decades. Some even had what they felt were decent reasons for what they did because, hey they were the champ. It’s kind of natural and really to be expected. I think it’s safe to say Cena has seen this and acted accordingly. On the odd occasion he goes rogue and says what he wants it is normally to defend WWE like when he went after Rock for leaving WWE. There wasn’t likely to be any fallout from that and he just proved again how dedicated he was to WWE. Also luckily for him he doesn’t have to watch his back. Unlike most top guys he doesn’t have to worry about someone taking his spot. The old guys are gone or going and there isn’t anyone within spitting distance of reaching Cena. The guys in charge at the moment seem less interested in building new stars and more interested in milking the ones they can for all they are worth regardless of how short sighted that may be. Cena doesn’t have to worry about jobbing to anyone and even if he did, most of the Universe is conditioned into believing he is the be all and end all of WWE so it wouldn’t matter anyway.

He is everything to everyone: He is the hero he needs to be to the kids WWE are targeting right now, he looks nice so ladies like him and he has no bad habits. Not doing steroids, drugs or being known as someone who drinks much not only helps his image but will also prolong his career. I’m sure a lot of people are thinking “Well I hate Cena” and that may be true but by constantly booing him, tuning in to watch him lose or reacting to him in anyway positive or negative is playing right into his hands. Unless you tune out when he is on or just stay quiet, he wins and he knows that too.

He knows how to wrestle: I know, I know WTF do you mean Cena knows how to wrestle? The thing that should always be remembered is that the best wrestlers do what works for them both as a performer and as character. Hogan’s lumbering power and over the top character worked and thats why he did it. Shawns high-flying and Brets technical prowess worked so they did that. Foley could take punishment so he did that. At the end of the day you can only be who you are and play to your strengths. Cena knows his huge powerful moves (All 14 of them) and style of selling is what the kids want to see. They don’t care if he can put on a 60 minute wrestling clinic or not. They tune in to see Cena be Cena and that is exactly what he gives them.

Finally, he is setting up for an easy end to being top dog. By doing all he has and keeping WWE afloat for the passed few years he knows when his time comes to step aside he has built up enough respect and credit to mean he won’t simply disappear or be humiliated. No one who understands wrestling either backstage or on our screens is going to come in and mess with him. Even when it is time to go he can expect a great send off. You can’t have someone that has shown so much respect or seen to have worked so hard messed with and expect younger guys to get in line and work their butts off if a guy like him is treated badly.

I’m afraid no matter how you look at it Cena is sitting pretty for now at least and clearly any facade he might have of being a stupid walking purple fridge spouting meaningless catchphrases is just an act he has used to get him where he wants to be. Crafty bastard.

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