Remove the Coward From the WWE Archives

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The WWE has a storied past on par with any sport in the world today. To be removed from that history is not something easy to accomplish, unless you deserve it. In the case of Chris Benoit, this is one wrestler that should never again appear on a DVD, PPV or any wrestling program branded by WWE, WCW or ECW. While some of his fans may hope that he will some day receive the honor of a spot in the hall of fame, it would be a dark day in hell before this occurs. Above all else, Chris Benoit is a wife beater and murderer. After an extensive history of abusing his wife, he killed her, his son Daniel and himself. If Chris wanted to die, he could have easily taken his life. However, he decided that it would be best to kill his family, he then killed himself to avoid the consequences. Benoit had no such death wish, he simply took this action to avoid the consequences. Running away from a problem is something that a coward does, Chris is as cowardly as they come. At least the murders in jail are paying a debt to society, he has done no such thing. While Chris has been removed from the history of the WWE, he deserves to serve a lifetime in jail. Inducting such a terrible human being into the HOF would be very poor judgment under any circumstance.

Proponents will often claim that the man and the wrestler are separate. In reality, they are one in the same. Wrestling is fake, you should never forgive a murder based on something that is not real. Even if it were real, being a great construction worker does not make murdering someone acceptable. While you may love your plumber, a murder conviction would instantly ruin that connection. Terrible people exist in all walks of life, having skills at any job does not justify killing a wife and child. As you would hold others to these standards, think about them when this wrestler comes across your mind. Wrestling is fake, and at that, he was never a great wrestler. Presenting a man as having technical skills is just a gimmick, its all fake and two people are needed to make it look real. He lacked promo skills, had no personality and copied his moves from Dynamite Kid. Watching someone channel Dynamite is as simple as watching Davey Richards, so turn on ROH and let Chris burn. A murderer deserves to pay for his crimes, so remove the coward from the archives and provide some small amount of justice to the world.

One Response to Remove the Coward From the WWE Archives

  1. Avatar Neil
    Neil says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Personally, I would have left out the part about him being a lousy wrestler with no mic skills, even though I would have agreed with you even as far back as 1996, when I was watching him on Nitro.

    “…he was never a great wrestler.”

    That may be true, but if there are people whose opinions of Chris could actually be swayed by that statement, as if murder wasn’t enough, then I think you and I would do better to stay away from these people.

    Frankly, I think serious therapy is in order for any person who has ever posted an “RIP Chris” video on YouTube or blogged about how much they miss him. Nothing has left a bad taste in my mouth more than the people who were so entertained by Chris that they’re willing to piss on the graves of two people who didn’t deserve to die, least not as horribly as they did.