Superheroes/Villains in Wrestling

Hello Brady World.

Some of you may know me, some of you may not. My name is Harry Barnett. I am a wrestling fan, some of you may have heard of me before, you may follow me on twitter (@InstantClassicH), you may have heard me on my 4 weeks of Who’s Slamming Who or you may just think “Who in the blue hell is this guy?!”.

So why am I here? Well Brady Hicks gave me a very nice offer to come on over to the site and write and podcast! So today I accepted that offer and it looks like you will all be hearing ALOT more from me.
Now for those of you who haven’t had contact with me before: I have been a fan for just over 10 years (August to be exact) and I have been to 2 live shows (both RAW), 2 TNA Fan Interaction shows and several meet & greet events with wrestlers like Ric Flair, The Hardys, The Pope, Matt Morgan, Mick Foley and a whole lot more! Plus one thing you will grow to know and love is as of 2010 just after Lockdown: I HATE TNA!

Ok so on with my actual article I planned on writing! Wait, one more thing… is Mark Long a regular on this site or did he fade away with WSW? Such a lovely guy, always had so much to say and sent me such nice messages. Ok so on with the real post. So 2 weeks ago I bought the DC Universe Online game for the PS3 and had been enjoying it, with the exception of alot of technical problems but then Brady gave me the offer this past week to write for his site and the perfect idea came to me, a comparison of Superheroes/Villains and Wrestlers.

So we’ve got the heroes:

The man of steel, the unbeatable force, completely unstoppable  and the protector of earth. When I was looking for a comparison of who I could find in wrestling that is Superman, it really wasn’t hard to find who I would choose although I am deeply offended by the fact that people compare this man to who I am about to announce. Superman in wrestling is John Cena.


This next choice is also another obvious pick: Bizarro is DIXIE CARTER. Bizarro was created as a clone of Superman that turned out horribly mutated and in his attempts to “save the world” he would usually cause harm and damage. This is the perfect comparison to Ms Carter of TNA Wrestling who of course has unleashed upon the world several “Huge surprises” and things that would “shock the world” and brought us stars and moments such as Bubba The Love Sponge, Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff and of course, the finish to this past Sunday’s PPV. We can of course thank Ms Carter for the biggest Bizarro moment: Hiring Vince Russo!

Lex Luthor (And I am a HUGE Lex Luthor fan, so it REALLY hurts me to say this because he is the greatest and well his wrestling comparison isn’t.)

This hurt me to write this comparison but we all know how true it is. Vince Russo has been said to not like wrestling fans and doesn’t like putting wrestling on a wrestling show. The evil mind that is Lex Luthor reflects that of the evil mind (in wrestling) that is Vince Russo. Lex Luthor has come so close to succeeding with his ultimate goal of destroying Superman, well when will Vince Russo finally succeed with his ultimate goal of destroying TNA Wrestling?


Yeah it’s me again… Captain obvious. I picked two guys for Wolverine as these days some people feel the C B word is a touchy subject, so I catered to both worlds. Davey Richards and Chris Benoit both have had a similar style in their careers which both scream out Wolverine and they both dish out and take in a massive amount of punishment in every match. Wolverine is the late great Chris Benoit and the great American Wolf Davey Richards.


I spoke of evil genius’ back on the Lex Luthor/Vince Russo post but it really comes to mind when choosing these two men, or should I say: Man and machine. The Brain Interactive Construct (B.R.A.I.N.I.A.C) lives for only one reason: Information, Knowledge and Power yet Vince Mcmahon could be described as the Brainiac of Wrestling, after all he created the WWE a very long time ago and well look at it now!

Don’t worry, I’ll shut up soon but im having fun with my debut on so please be nice to me.


At one point in time, I don’t think there was anyone that couldn’t say that they thought at one point that TNA could have competed with WWE (that thought may not have come up yet and may one day soon for you personally) but then January 4th came along and along came DOOMSDAY: Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan. Doomsday is considered the one being in all of the universe that can kill Superman and well I think we all know besides Vince Russo, Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan will eventually be TNA’s Doomsday.


This is the choice that I actually found to be the hardest. Lois Lane is not a superhero but she is a huge part of Superman’s life and when it came to comparing her to someone in wrestling, I found it extremely difficult! I couldn’t just pick out one of the divas and say (Name) is the Lois Lane of Wrestling because I really don’t believe there is anyone that could fit the comparison.


Although neither man has been a heel in quite some time, Triple H & The Undertaker are the Darkseid or Apocalypse of the WWE. When it comes to WWE not doing so well  or a big feud revolving around one or both of these guys, you know that you stand no chance and it is the end for there opponent. Isn’t it funny how at Wrestlemania: The end of one universe meets the end of another.


When it comes to the usual batch of releases, some see them all as completely out of the blue and undeserving of being fired but then there comes alot that are undeserved and deserved. Either way I think we can all see that John Laurinaitis is the Metallo of WWE, the man with the kryptonite heart when releasing the Superstars of the WWE that we love to watch!

and the final one!

This one may look a little bizarre to you, it is not because of the facepaint. The Hardy Boys and Shane Helms are being compared to Joker by me because they must be insane to say some of the incredibly STUPID things that they say/do. I have NO problem with Jeff Hardy, I hope he realises he needs help and gets it as soon as possible but Matt Hardy and Shane Helms is a different story!
Both men find the need to use twitter and youtube to spread both lies and their nonsense to occupy their days. Not to mention the fact that Shane Helms needs to use his to abuse others but my hate for those two and my like for Jeff Hardy aside, I truly believe all 3 are insane!
So that is my first post on, I hope you enjoyed it and of course tell me what you think! There is a comments section I believe and well if you’re not going to use that head on over to twitter and tweet me (@InstantClassicH, follow me either way though :) )
Plan for the podcast is for me to record tomorrow then I will send it off to Brady so I hope you’ve enjoyed this and I hope you will enjoy the podcast! I have a few things special planned for WM week so enjoy and I guess I will write you all something when I find something interesting/entertaining to say.

Goodnight Brady Land.

(P.S Thanks again Brady!)

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