What’s Wrong With Wrestling


Photo by ROH Wrestling

Join us as former WSW great Harry Barnett makes his return to the airwaves … on thebradyhicks.com, with his WHAT’S WRONG WITH WRESTLING podcast. This week, Harry looks at Ring of Honor, TNA, and WWE programming, as well as his personal experiences with many of today’s stars.


3 Responses to What’s Wrong With Wrestling

  1. Really….more of the hairy eggs show? I’m debating whether to hit play or just go into the kitchen and stab myself in the eye with a fork. Which would be more painful? Stay tuned Hairy I have an article on this site coming out this week.

  2. should have went for the fork. that was a brutal ten minutes. sounded like someone talking with a sock in their mouth

  3. Avatar HarryBarnett
    HarryBarnett says:

    Wait, Mark… You know how to write? I thought you just dictated everytime you wanted to spread the hate that is the word of Mark Long. Instead of stabbing yourself in the eye, hows about cutting your fingers off instead and saving us all about 10 mins of having to read what you have to say.

    Although, when I first read this a few minutes ago I found you funny for the first time EVER. Congratulations! You were very funny, I guess this must be like a Christmas feeling for you now that someone found something you said funny.