Why I Can’t Get Snooki Off The Brain

Is this disrespectful to Yokozuna?

It has been less than 24 hours since Nicole “Fat Shi…. Snookie” Polizzi said she was wrestling at Wrestlemania. Working with the wrestling business has caused everyone to ask what I think of the situation. Well, it really isn’t that hard to figure out what I think, but if you really want to know… please continue.
Wrestlemania is compared to the Superbowl in terms of wrestling events. It is the end all be all of wrestling. Workers want more than anything to wrestle at that event. Now you throw a reality star into the mix and literally spit on wrestling fans. Yeah, they did it before with Lawrence Taylor, but he was an athlete right?
Snooki being on the card bothers me on so many levels. Let’s first talk about her star power. Could you really argue that Snooki hasn’t been a bigger star than The Rock in the past two years? You can’t, because it’s true. But what happened when Snooki came to the ring last night? She was half booed and half cheered. Think about what happened when The Great One came back. The ovation went on for 3-5 minutes. The next question is why was she booed and The Brahma Bull cheered. Well it is really quite simple. Wrestling fans attend wrestling events. Wrestling fans don’t watch wrestling for the same reasons that people watch the “Jersey Shore.” Wrestling fans want entertainment and Shore fans want to feel better about their lives.

Apparently, though, it was a good idea to bring her in. It’s not like they already had inexperienced performers on this year’s card. (Michael Cole) But Vince McMahon has to bring in the big guns. Not when it’s relevant of course. Bring in Snooki now, since her show is losing popularity and viewers. I think one of the reasons I am so annoyed that she is on the show has to do with the fact that wrestling basks in anything that has jumped the proverbial shark.
I understand that she is being brought in to get a higher buy rate. Who is really going to spend 50 plus dollars to see Snooki on Pay Per View. Diehard Jersey Shore fans only. Anyone else who really wants to see Snooki will probably go to someone’s house that is already getting the PPV.
It is not easy to be a fan on wrestling. We are not regarded as the smartest people in the world and are constantly told that wrestling is fake. GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE?!?! But having a reality star who is famous for being a train wreck wrestle on a night that is supposed celebrate wrestling, created a face palm that literally almost broke my wrist.

5 Responses to Why I Can’t Get Snooki Off The Brain

  1. Avatar VinceGillett
    VinceGillett says:

    Hey Anthony I’m glad you are back and hopefully will podcast again. I enjoyed hearing someone trying to stay positive about TNA. I like many recently turned to the side of disillusionment like most have or will.

    On the Snooki thing, I am not a fan of her or the show either but it is making big news and that is all WWE want for ‘Mania hence the big name returns. As long as people talk about it and hopefully buy it I don’t think they care if it is good or not. You can bet she will be second to last between main events.

  2. Avatar BigErn
    BigErn says:

    Welcome back, Anthony. I am pretty sure that your podcast was called the TNA Minute on WSW if I recall correctly. I guess that the TNA minute will forever now be known as the Victory Road 2011 Main Event. ;)

    Seriously, on Snooki, I never saw her before Raw this week and found her just annoying but if it gets WM more exposure then why not? Well I can think of a few reasons … Daniel Bryan, Christian, Wade Barrett, Sheamus … and so much more talent that are not booked for WM. But hey, we have Snooki. Great.

    One can argue that Snooki will not be stealing much time from WM as she is (thankfully) in a six person tag but they better have plans for at least some of the guys that I mention in the last paragraph.

    • I told you. All those guys you mentioned will be in the dance party with Goldust and the Bellas for a memorable segment!

  3. Avatar anthonysarlo
    anthonysarlo says:

    Its not that it doesn’t make sense why they did it, its just hard to be a wrestling fan sometimes.

  4. Avatar Vince G
    Vince G says:

    Lets not forget (we all have) last years WM they did try to do big matches fans would want though poorly built, and that was terrible with the exception of one maybe two matches.

    I would much rather see Dolph vs Morrison with Vickie and Snooki in respective corners if she has to be there. All this will be is the piss break between Cena vs Miz and HHH vs Undertaker depending which goes on first. And I know it’s early for predictions but I’m going for Miz to retain. REALLY.