Da (Pretty) Bad Guy.

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A news story that seems to be causing a bit of a stir at the moment is that of Scott Hall turning up to a show wasted and making a fool out of himself. Now I have read a few bits and pieces including what a certain someone thinks over at the site that shall not be named and I feel the need to go on another one of my self-righteous rants again.

Firstly, why this came as a shock to anyone is beyond me. Scott Hall’s problems are well known and the fact he is/was still trying to overcome those problems is also well known. Booking him for an event at this time was obviously a mistake and really all those involved should feel foolish. On the other hand who is to say the promoters didn’t book him well aware of what probably would happen. The story has certainly got their name out more than the event simply going off without a hitch. I doubt it but you never know.

Secondly and more importantly, this whole thing about paying to watch the video of the incident is really sick. Why would anyone want to watch that? The more pressing question is why is the promotion involved doing it? I know some people are saying it is business and the promotion is just trying to get their money back, well…

A) Anyone stupid enough to hire someone in Scott Hall’s condition deserves what they get. The guy is an alcoholic. He turned up drunk. WHAT A SUPRISE! Dont take a gamble if you can’t afford to lose.

B) Call it what you want but selling clips of the thing is sick as is watching them. The word that describes the situation is exploitation. Not of an opportunity but of a human being. You can call it business or whatever you want but at the end of the day what you are doing is trying to make money off a pathetic, sick, old man in a vunerable state. Would it still be a money making opportunity if he shit or pissed himself in the middle of the ring? Would it have made for good business if he fell down dead on the mat? Two wrongs don’t not make a right and there comes a point where money has to take a backseat to basic human compassion.

A simple mantra I try and live by is ‘How you treat the weak is your true nature calling.’ (From a Jane’s Addiction song) Regardless of where it comes from it rings true. If someone desperately is in need of help and all you do is try and make money off them, that tells you the type of person that you are. If all you can do is judge or scorn or mock someone at a time of weakness, that is who you are. Plain and simple. I try my best to be if nothing else understanding and patient. I may not always accomplish that but I do my best.

I have mentioned before that I have pretty much run out of patienece with Jeff Hardy which may sound hypocritical. Maybe it is. But whereas Jeff has never admitted he has any type of problem and infact has said and tried to act to the contrary (and insulted concerned fans), Scott Hall has admitted he has a problem and is trying to seek help. This is somethig else that bugs me about the whole thing. I don’t know what people think happens when you try and overcome an addiction but it isn’t as simple as just deciding you want to. Recovery is a long process and admitting you have a problem is just the first of many steps that will continue probably for the rest of that persons life to some degree. “One day at a time” may sound cliche but that is the reality of the situation these people find themselves in.

People don’t get addicted to drugs, alcohol or whatever simply because they enjoy the way those things make them feel. The reason they get truly addicted is because those things are the only way they feel they can cope with their lives. Unless someone gets to the root cause of why they drink or do drugs then recovery is impossible. Do I or anyone else know why Scott does what he does? No. Does Scott himself? I have no idea if he does or he doesn’t which is why I will try and give him the benefit of the doubt for now.

As I have said before, we as fans and as people have a responsibility to the wrestlers that perform for us. Yes it was wrong what Scott did in taking the money and showing up in the state he did, but putting pressure on him to turn up to things such as the Hall Of Fame or any other show when he clearly isn’t ready isn’t helping. Fans and promoters should let Scott go away and get serious help for quite some time before thinking about booking him again. I understand it is hard to be patient with someone when they keep making mistakes over and over again and yeah there probably are some people that are simply lost causes, but imagine what your life would have been like if everytime you made a mistake those around you just washed their hands of you.

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  1. Avatar mrakbaz
    mrakbaz says:

    im here to take a survey, who came here for the indy midget crap talent, and who came to see the bad guy messed up

  2. Avatar BigErn
    BigErn says:

    Another tough topic handled by Vince … well done. I have to say that I agree that I have more sympathy for Scott than Jeff so count me as a hypocrite as well. I would really like to see Scott get help rather than become another sad headline (RIP Sweeney). On the other hand, I cannot really comment much on the first comment on this thread as it`s not very insightful.