Free Bolin Alley For 24 Hours

An Important Note From Twitter:

@ampdradio If you missed the first episode of The Bolin Alley tonight, The Starmaker is giving it away for free for 24-hours!

4 Responses to Free Bolin Alley For 24 Hours

  1. only an hour left. You guys better catch it!

  2. Avatar Stan the dick
    Stan the dick says:

    awesome show

  3. Avatar capt america
    capt america says:

    what a fat slob 99 cents to listen to that crap, it should be less then free, haha

  4. Avatar TheSnookiMuncher
    TheSnookiMuncher says:

    With all due respect to Bolin, I cannot see paying for the podcast (to each his/her own). There is sooooo much damn great free podcasts that talk all wrestling with great insider knowledge that I cannot see paying for this podcast. However, thanks for the freebee Kenny. You have a world of experience and are quite entertaining even if it is a lot of bullshitting. I won’t name the awesome freebee podcasts out of respect but you all likely know what they are (ITR included).

    PS … Bolin Alley minus Kenny’s infernal spawn is the way to go if you want to have peps pay for it.