IN THE ROOM to Make AMP’D Radio Debut

Photo by AMP'D Radio


Tune in starting this Friday night, April 8th, at 9 PM EST as IN THE ROOM makes its debut on AMP’D Radio @, joining The Bolin Alley, The Shoot Club, and E-Fed Radio. The WrestleMania Sunday brunch edition with Bushwacker Luke Williams will be the first episode featured!

AND … starting April 14th … be sure to check out the human Stay Puffed himself, KENNY BOLIN!

7 Responses to IN THE ROOM to Make AMP’D Radio Debut

  1. Avatar Neil
    Neil says:

    Oh, Bolin’s coming back? How’s that pay model working out for him?

  2. April 14th is the Bolin relunch …er, relaunch.
    I guess we will find out!

  3. Avatar patpiper
    patpiper says:


    Your Wikipedia profile is awesome. Great job!

  4. Thanks. I have some of the best listeners! I was blown away when I heard!

  5. Avatar hbk2000
    hbk2000 says:

    Seriously, it’s hilarious! You have a great sense of humor admitting that you’re a virgin.

  6. I’m humbled you took the time to write about me!

  7. Avatar patpiper
    patpiper says:

    …a belated April Fools joke for Mr. Hicks, all in fun :)