The Bolin Alley

The BRAND NEW edition of “The Bolin Alley” will be a premium service and will provide listeners with longer editions, video options, and even better content.  Of course, folks…Bolin Services doesn’t provide these services for free.  “The King” and “The Prince” need to get paid!  Each edition of “The Bolin Alley” will cost only .99 cents per download, and will also eventually have the option of purchasing the video version of each edition for only $1.99!

4 Responses to The Bolin Alley

  1. Avatar HarryBarnett
    HarryBarnett says:

    Can’t wait for the next one. Seriously I don’t get why people object to 99c! Here in England that is nearly half of that after the exchange rate. That really is nothing. Even people on minimum wage could get that!

  2. Avatar patpiper
    patpiper says:

    You’d have to pay me $1.99 to watch these fat fucks without puking.

  3. Avatar mrakbaz
    mrakbaz says:

    why would you pay an extra dollar to see these radio faces

  4. Avatar Stan the dick
    Stan the dick says:

    why am i being made fun of for not giving ur fatass my 99 cents, you should be ashamed for asking for 99 cents for a simple podcast when all these other retards do a better free show then your bloated big mommas house show