AMP’d Radio Showcase-2

The Bolin Alley

The Bolins will be having Jim Cornette and Percy Pringle aka Paul Bearer as special guests on The Bolin Alley.

Check it out at:

The Shoot Club

The team talks about TNA, Sean Waltman, Chyna, ROH in Michigan and Dayton, the NBA finals, and much more.

Check it out at:

10 Responses to AMP’d Radio Showcase

  1. Avatar HarryBarnett
    HarryBarnett says:

    Will that be this week’s Bolin Alley?

  2. I guess so. I’m not sure.

  3. Avatar Scott Hall
    Scott Hall says:

    the shoot club SUCKS

  4. Avatar Stan the dick
    Stan the dick says:

    hey white trash i mean rob dicken, bolin took a shot at you during the beginning of the show

  5. Avatar Rob Dicken
    Rob Dicken says:

    Hey Stan, get your dick out of your ears — Bolin said the same thing on The Bolin Alley…in which I HOST. Retard.

  6. Avatar Stan the dick
    Stan the dick says:


  7. Avatar brian snarr
    brian snarr says:

    shoot club is gay get a shirt with buttons you piece of white trash, and dont fucken order food during the podcast you unprofessional fuck screw that gay asian dude also

  8. Avatar Stan the dick
    Stan the dick says:

    hey u cant do a new show cuz they working you to hard at the mickey d’s
    stop burning the fries retard, can u get some fried rice from your friend.

  9. Avatar bobby fitzpatrick
    bobby fitzpatrick says:

    99 cents to support hot wings and burgers for these two fat fucks

  10. Can any of you retards spell? lol Jesus christ…