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  1. Avatar Vince G
    Vince G says:

    This week on In The Room the guys get angry…angry and gay. I thought it was a really funny show considering there wasn’t loads to talk about.

    It is a shame about all that Super 8 business Brady. I thought you guys did a decent job on commentary although there were occasions when it was a bit ‘inside’ for my liking although that seemed to be one of the guys other than you. The Ace ‘Internet’ Darling line was funny though.

    I totally agree that Tommaso and Adam Cole are the guys most likely to show up on WWE TV sometime in the future though every one of those guys was great and should have a bright future. Hopefully Austin will stick around becaus he is really entertaining inside and outside the ring. And Rich Swan seems to be part Kangaroo because the spring in his jump especially when he does the standing 450 is incredible.

    And whoever reports on RAW (Kev) needs to pay more attention. Last week you said no heel went over to SD when Mark Henry turned during the six man match and this week Kev and DJ complained Rock never went face to face with Cena which he did. Brady is forgiven because he simply misses it all the time.

    • Avatar Kevin McElvaney
      Kevin McElvaney says:

      I could be wrong, Vince, but I think I said that Smackdown had no viable main event heels – not that they got no heels in the draft. And I stand by the fact that they still (with the possible exception of Sheamus) have no viable main event heels. Right you are about The Rock, though. My bad.

      • Avatar Vince G
        Vince G says:

        If you have the gaul to say Mark Henry is not a main event heel then… I guess you are right and I apoligize.

        • Avatar Vince G
          Vince G says:

          And I apologise for my bad spelling.

  2. Haha, Internet Darling. Lagana had issues with the other two, but I couldn’t resist taking a shot.

    • Avatar Vince G
      Vince G says:

      I just went back and saw the beginning of the show that I missed. Nice Don West impression and the jacket t-shirt combo really worked for you.

      You were right, Sami and Adam was brutal and I’m going to watch Best Of The Best and any other matches they have had together because they know how to go at it.

  3. Avatar BigErn
    BigErn says:

    I really liked ITR this week guys (as usual) but I am with DJ on Michelle McSucks … she blows. I think that Layla is the better worker, lots of potential on the mic and easier on the eyes if I dare say. I would have liked to see Kharma Kong dish McSucks a few more beatings but what can one do?

    Smackdown has Sheamus, Barrett, Cody (OK that’s a stretch but I dig him lately), and Kane. Each of these guys could and should be main event heels but WWE dropped the ball, buried it, and shat on it for all of these guys save Cody (not yet anyway). I cannot believe that we are talking about Henry as a main even heel with these four on the SmackDown roster. I have heard that he’s a really nice guy in real life but that’s BolinBall talking so who knows?

    Also, I have been watching Tough Enough and typically like the underdog and was rooting for skidmark the whole time. Bummer to see him go especially with the ballet dancer in the bottom 3. I guess that the need to keep their t’n’a in the competition. Bugh.

    Have I mentioned how pissed I am about the Smackdown spoiler? Oh yeah, I wrote an ‘essay’ under Vince’s post.

    Big Ern, grouchy old man, signing out.

  4. So much to say guys … Christian … Super 8 (glad you watched it all Vince … I hope everyone does because the show was that good) … Rock/Cena … Anybody notice Vladimir Kozlov didn’t look so big next to Rock? … oh, and moment of the year was The Rock making out with Mae Young, then looking at Dolph Ziggler with such pride and telling him he gets more pie in one day than Dolph will in his lifetime. Hahahahaha!

  5. Avatar VinceGillett
    VinceGillett says:

    For some reason I have always wanted to see Mark Henry as a heel champion and for about five minutes years ago WWE tested that out (Vs Angle at Royal Rumble) And he was ECW champion just like Kane and Big Show and since that is all SD is now why not. I would love Cody to be in the main event but against Orton again.

    Brady I think Kharma is meant ot be the next top heel but to build her up as the big bad she is taking out the other big dogs like some gangster/prison film. I love that the entire Diva division seems to booked by someone that loves Mean Girls.They treat the whole thing like it is high school. Half the time the face divas and the heel divas don’t even stay away from each other but just all hang out. I like the idea they all get along off camera. If TV and movies have taught me anything it is that when men aren’t around all women do is strip down and have pillow fights and that seems to be the message I am getting here. Just me?

  6. Avatar mrakbaz
    mrakbaz says:

    Im still wondering if gail kim is still there, she can wrestle against kharma they had a feud in tna wrasslin,

  7. “I like the idea they all get along off camera. If TV and movies have taught me anything it is that when men aren’t around all women do is strip down and have pillow fights and that seems to be the message I am getting here. Just me?”–Vince Gillett

    I do too, Vince. I like that idea too.

  8. Avatar Vince G
    Vince G says:

    Did anyone else notice at Extreme Rules everyones top 2 wrestlers both won their matches by hitting their finisher from the turnbuckle.Not only that but it was the exact same turnbuckle.That is what bookended the PPV. Imaginative.

  9. That was just bad communication. Not on purpose.

  10. Hey, if you guys have Bolin on the talk about CM Punk, will you have to pay his stupid 99 cents?