Kekoa – How high can he fly?

Many times we sit at a local wrestling show at a high school or a fire hall and say to ourselves, “Wow, that guy’s pretty good”.  I’m guilty of this myself sometimes.  However, with the exception of finding work at one or two other indy promotions, most of those

The Flyin' Hawaiian

that “wow” us keep wrestling where they are.  Occasionally though, we see someone that creates so much buzz that they can’t be ignored.

Kekoa the Flyin’ Hawaiian debuted in ECWA on March 5th, 2011.  He was actually a replacement for Mr. Scotty Wright, who was injured and unable to wrestle Chris Wylde for the ECWA Mid-Atlantic title.  While he was unsuccessful in his attempt, Kekoa certianly made an impression that night.  So much so that ECWA officials along with PWI contributor Brady Hicks, who was in attendance, contacted PWI and asked them to take a look at the Flyin’ Hawaiian. 

I happy to say the result is an introduction article to appear in this month’s issue of PWI, which should be on shelves by May 24th.  This announcement was just days after Kekoa and CZW’s Johnathan Gresham “stole the show” according to many at the May 7th ECWA show.  If you get a chance to see Kekoa, take it.  For our sake, I hope he’s around here for a long time.  But the sky’s the limit for this high flyer. 

Congratulations Kekoa – may this be the launch your career was looking for!

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