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I am a first time writer but I had to write about my favorite wrestler growing up in the 80’s which of course would be The Macho Man Randy Savage. I really got into wrestling after watching Wrestlemania 2. The Mania 3 match vs Steamboat is still arguebly the best WM match in history. My favorite memories came as Macho and Hogan united as the Mega Powers and dominated the WWE. You always saw the signs that they wouldn’t be a team long as Macho never liked the way Hogan looked at Miss Elizabeth. Macho’s match with the Warrior at WM 7 was another great one. No matter who you were pulling for in that match, you had to respect the hell out of the both of them. The only time I didn’t enjoy watching Macho Man wrestle was in the WCW days. I enjoyed when he came in and shocked the world by winning the World War 3 batal royal to win the vacated WCW championship but after that and his NWO run it just wasn’t the same. I really wished Savage would have came back to the WWE one last time like Bret Hart is doing now. He would have had the crowd eating out of his hands. Well sadly he will get into the Hall of Fame but 1 year too late. I am going to close this by thanking Macho Man Randy Savage for all the childhood memories he gave me.


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  2. Don’t mind Mark “Not” Long, Chris. Somebody poops in his oatmeal but he eats it anyway.

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