RIP Randy Savage-2

Photo by WWE

I don’t really write a ton on here. I keep trying to come up with ideas for a show and they are not working. So I have been waiting for perfect idea to hit me. Brady is the man and lets me stay on here and I thank him for that.

I just wanted to say RIP Randy Savage. Easily my favorite wrestler of all time. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

4 Responses to RIP Randy Savage

  1. Avatar mrakbaz
    mrakbaz says:

    Back in the 80’s One of My favorite memorys of the Macho Man are when he was in the tournament for the WWF world title and on the road to the title he had a match with Butch Reed and it was of those matches where Macho man made the classic 80’s good guy comeback and then nailed his elbow off the top for the win! Then Vince would pop for the Macho man on commentary, and they would pan the camera right on Miss Elizabeth and she was beautiful.

  2. Avatar Anthony
    Anthony says:

    Have you seen the 3 disc dvd? The first match is so great. He does all these little heel tactics that are just incredible.He was so creative.

    • Avatar mrakbaz
      mrakbaz says:

      No i will have to check it out bro! what you think of the Macho Man/Ultimate Warrior Feud?

  3. Avatar Anthony
    Anthony says:

    My opinion usually strays from the regular thought, but I love steamboat feud and hogan feud