Wrasslin’ Roundup-6


Want to get caught up on everything from the past week in wrestling before you watch Raw? Then check out The Wrasslin’ Roundup with The Wrestling Press’ Matt Roberts!


6 Responses to Wrasslin’ Roundup

  1. Avatar mark long
    mark long says:

    you piece of crap never herd of macho only untill 1996, fuck you

  2. Avatar Stan the dick
    Stan the dick says:


  3. Avatar Matthew Roberts
    Matthew Roberts says:

    Unfortunately Mark Long I didn’t start watching wrestling until 2001 and was only 13 so had very little money. As well as a father who dissaproved of wrestling so not a whole lot I can do really!

  4. Avatar brian snarr
    brian snarr says:

    then dont have a wrestling show if you arent informed like the rest of this pro wrestling community, i was upset with that. very upset

  5. Avatar Matthew Roberts
    Matthew Roberts says:

    I fail to see why I should be denied the chance at having a wrestling show just because I didn’t watch it pre 2001. Believe me Brian I’m well aware of the impact Savage had on the wrestling community, the same as other stars of that generation but the fact is by the time I grew up and started to Mature, Savage was no longer a television presence. If you want to hear all about yesterday’s stars then I’m afraid your in the wrong place. My job is to review and analyse each show every week for fans entertainment. I wish that I did get to see wrestling pre 2001 because I know how much I missed out on. But the year of my birth can’t really be changed! And considering pro wrestling is my biggest passion in my life, I believe I am certainly qualified to talk about wrestling since I began watching. I was a little hesitant mentioning Savage because as I said I knew very little about him but I thought it would be much more ignorant to ignore the situation completely. I hope this appeases you somewhat.

  6. Don’t worry about them, Matt. Everybody brings their own wrestling experience to the table, that’s what makes this community great. Try asking me about guys from the 70s. If they don’t like it they can go listen to Wrestle This.