Weekend in a Day

Photo by NakedFanMail.com

Hey guys, I know we let you down, and I apologize. We here at TBH.com have hardly had a chance to be at the computers to bring you all the great content we had planned. Join us starting at 10 AM as we bring you everything that SHOULD have aired this past weekend! And thanks for your support.

10 AM EST: What’s Wrong With Wrestling
12 PM EST: Completely Damaged
2 PM EST: Saturday Night Akbaz
4 PM EST: WrestleDope Radio LIVE
6 PM EST: Carny Knowlege
8 PM EST: Wrasslin’ Roundup

Then, at 10, join us as we record IN THE ROOM for tomorrow. (Skype = bradyh1cks)

One Response to Weekend in a Day

  1. Avatar mrakbaz
    mrakbaz says:

    i got all these happy emails from people.
    that thought you cancelled my show, lol