Getting Money In WWE’s Bank

I once again repeat my most used line. I hate writing! I hope you like reading but I hate writing!! I will also repeat something else, I hate repeating myself. But today I give to you for free (by free I mean you are free to read this or go and download the podcast on Friday) several different ideas of how I feel this situation featuring CM Punk could go!

For starters, if you strongly believe that Mr Punk is leaving World Wrestling Entertainment on Sunday Night then please leave this article NOW! Nothing personal against what you believe but all of the ideas I feature here today revolve around CM Punk staying with WWE, in which I mean CM Punk remaining on the roster but not necessarily on television.

So as I mentioned, every idea revolves around CM Punk winning the WWE Championship at Money In The Bank. With the storyline being the fact that he will be leaving on Sunday then this leaves two big holes in WWE. Those two holes being John Cena and the WWE Championship, John Cena will be “fired” so he can take some time of to heel up for the Wrestlemania main event against The Rock and the WWE Championship will obviously be around the waste of Mr Punk.

With that being said, RAW will have no World Champion. So where do they go from here? They could have a match to replace Punk as WWE Champion which would render his championship meaningless, they could have a tournament or some way of creating a new WWE Champion. The Money In The Bank winner for RAW could demand the GM or Vince Mcmahon name them the new WWE Champion as Punk has left the company and this could either lead to the MITB winner being made the new champion or a match/feud could be created out of this.

The idea that I felt would be more interesting is to have whoever the current World Heavyweight Champion is at the time be forced to do both shows just like the old Undisputed Champion always had to and have the champion do both shows for a few weeks to a few months before CM Punk’s actual WWE TV return. This would also either shut up or impress those who are saying that WWE should only have one World title.

What I would prefer NOT to see would be for Punk to win the title then have the Money In The Bank winner win moments later, although if it really came down to it and CM Punk was leaving then I guess I would settle for it. Personally I don’t believe he is actually leaving so I don’t want to see this coming. He has branded this “Summer of Punk” and last time I checked the summer was several months and lasts longer than four weeks!

Last week on What’s Wrong With Wrestling, I narrowed my Money In The Bank choices down to just three for each show and you will obviously have to wait and see who I chose as the actual prediction this week but at the moment you will know that if this idea actually goes ahead then either Alberto Del Rio or Alex Riley will cash in to become the new WWE Champion or The Miz (The #1 draft pick for The League Of Evil I might add in their) will take back what belongs to him and become a two time WWE Champion.

Another idea that really stands out to me is that CM Punk will win the WWE Championship and he will defend it, but not on WWE television. I believe either WWE have a business relationship with Ring of Honor to which they will have CM Punk show up at the first taping after Davey Richards vs whoever he may be defending the ROH World Title against and Punk will threaten to defend the title. If this was the case then WWE would be using the footage, I know it sounds unlikely but hey it sounds cool to me so bare with me!
If Punk was to do this then im thinking he would only do this once or twice with an appearance and a defence. Let’s face it, im sure if Ring of Honor are able to get a fair deal out of this then they will do what is necessary because they need something big to help them with this TV deal.  No changes to the Ring of Honor style of programming would occur but WWE would somehow let him be on the show and possibly defend the title.
If this idea was to happen and it remained as a long term plan with the World Heavyweight Champion defending on both brands and CM Punk does defend the WWE Championship as a part of the Ring of Honor roster or an independent company then sooner or later Vince Mcmahon will send someone from WWE down to get the title back.

This leads me to the next idea. While im here, this is fun isn’t it? Im enjoying writing for once! You guys better like this or else. So while CM Punk is the WWE Champion as a part of the ROH Roster on the condition that this is a long term plan, imagine Vince Mcmahon meeting with several guys on RAW (be they top guys or nobodies or be they heel or face, im not sure yet) and he says something like “Dammit, I want my WWE Championship back from that Punk, what will it take for one of you to go down their and take it from him?!”.
So Vince’s boys go down to Ring of Honor and we get a group style beat down in which the WWE Superstars get the WWE Championship back from Punk. So for the next few weeks, Punk is not seen on TV at all but then on RAW eventually Vince Mcmahon names the WWE Championship Match for lets say Survivor Series, I’ll just throw some names in but don’t take them to heart. The match will be The Miz vs John Morrison for the Vacant WWE Championship. We finally get to Survivor Series and we’re in the middle of the match and as one of the guys are about to win the match, CM Punk’s music hits and out comes Punk to take back the title he never lost.
The next night on RAW, Punk is seen on the titantron saying WWE will never see him or his title again. He goes to ROH or an indy company for a few weeks and no one really knows what is going on. We get to December, Vince Mcmahon is seen to be making a phone call but you don’t know who he is talking to. He says he wants the title back at any cost. We later see this person that Vince Mcmahon was talking to show up at either ROH or an indy show to take back the WWE title or to win the WWE title. This person will either be the winner of the RAW money in the bank, Triple H or John Cena.

This will lead to a rematch at either the Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania. If it is Wrestlemania then it won’t be John Cena or the story won’t last that long but it will lead to Cena being reinstated.
This could also be pulled off by disguising FCW under another name and trying to pass it off as an indy company or by WWE actually funding an indy company.

Although I know alot, if not all of these ideas are unrealistic and the most likely situation will be that CM Punk loses to John Cena and leaves the WWE or the Money In The Bank winner cashes in on either man on Sunday but I felt the need to think outside of the box because if this past month doesn’t prove the saying right then nothing does that “Anything can happen in the WWE”. Feel free to leave a comment on here, facebook or follow and tweet me. Enjoy all of this free information and I’ll be back on Friday!



5 Responses to Getting Money In WWE’s Bank

  1. Avatar mrakbaz
    mrakbaz says:

    i think the cm punk angle went from real to just another storyline, to me when you got cena having the stipulation that if he loses he will be fired, come on cena enuff is not getting fired, but its in cm punks hometown, whatever that means?
    im more interested in checking out christian/orton, i have a theory that christian wins the title and then the mib winner from the smackdown side cashes in on him and wins the title that same night! giving christian another mini title run? what you think?

    • Avatar HarryBarnett
      HarryBarnett says:

      Remember Cena still has to face Rock at WM and reports are always going round that he’s injured… being “fired” will give him time to heal up for a bit.

      Im really not all that interested into Christian/Orton but that would be pretty funny/out of order giving him the title for another 5 minute run. Having someone like Daniel Bryan or Cody Rhodes would make that more of a spit in the face.

  2. Avatar mrakbaz
    mrakbaz says:

    hey they gave the world belt to jack swagger before christian thats a giant loogie right there to christian cage

  3. Avatar Jason
    Jason says:

    I like the idea (though I dont ever see any big stars headed to ROH to do a major angle there I think they bring Punk back for that) and would love to see them do something like that. There are two ways I look at the result. If the WWE thinks this angle is super hot and that Punk can be the next big player they should shake thinks up and let Cena go heel while turning Punk face in the process. They completely changes the WWE. It would be tough to keep anything hot by having Cena stay face and win or do yet another fired angle. Thats a big reason why Nexus failed I think. Great start but the followup was everyday WWE.

    I think the ratings the last two weeks could scare them which pulls them in an entirely different direction. Have Punk lose and then have McMahon still so angry with Cena that he immediately has another match with someone like Del Rio where Del Rio wins the belt and now has McMahon in his corner for the eventual SummerSlam match with Cena in the match. By doing the immediate switch they write Punk totally off the shows and get the crowd totally off him until he makes his eventual return.

  4. Avatar HarryBarnett
    HarryBarnett says:

    Thanks, I don’t see it either apart from Cena but then that would kick the “fired” thing in the teeth a little bit. Definitely think Cena should be turned but not sure about Punk.

    I can’t see the last bit, just for the sole fact I don’t see Punk going, not even to take time off!