The Live Anniversary!

20 7 11!

On Wednesday 20th June, join Me and my mystery guest as we celebrate the one year anniversary of What’s Wrong With Wrestling! The guest may even buy a cake because lets face it, im not going to!

Details are still yet to be finalised but I will put all of them up on here at a later date and I will say them on the show aswell when I know. All I know at this moment is that the date will be the 20th and it will be out of!
But fear not! If you miss us, you can still come by two days later at the same time and place! Right here on!!

We will be talking about whatever happened on the Money In The Bank PPV and RAW but we still have alot of time to fill so that is where you come in, interact with us live via facebook, twitter and has a live chat. So keep checking back for more details and hopefully I will find out who my guest will be before then!

2 Responses to The Live Anniversary!

  1. Avatar technojojo
    technojojo says:

    Sounds cool…Harry your views are awesome…keep them coming!

    • Avatar HarryBarnett
      HarryBarnett says:

      Thank you :) The support is greatly appreciated!