Hey Creative, Steal This!

Anyone who follows me on twitter or likes my show on facebook will know, yesterday I came up with possibly the greatest idea I have ever had! You should all be grateful I decided to stay awake instead of going for a sleep to type this!

So basically the idea came to me last night. Why don’t WWE have a comic/cartoon series? I understand that they have had several failed comics in the past and they are planning a cartoon series in the future but I can guarantee you THEY WILL SUCK!!
All it would take is for WWE to get the right people behind this concept, maybe go over to Marvel or DC and steal a few of their staff and they have Jerry The King Lawler who can design everything, this idea has the potential to be perfect!

Slowly WWE has expanded into several different areas, be that different merchandise or international expansion and the movie company so if they were to pick this concept up before the network came along then hello, original content!
I used the Superman/Lex Luthor picture because it was the first example that came to mind. If WWE toned the characters up to a new level, it could be in an almost superhero style of comic/cartoon. They could make every geek and their parents across the world have their pockets emptied from the cartoons/comics/films/dvds/toys and alot of different merchandise. Take John Cena for example, everyone compares Cena to Superman so they could tone the character up by a few levels and they could have Vince Mcmahon be a Kingpin/Lex Luthor kind of character.

They wouldn’t even need to follow exact storylines of WWE or even use current day characters. With Marvel/DC having several different worlds for their comics, WWE could do the same and they could even have a variation for the WWE kids concept. They could make so much more money off of having Undertaker or John Cena becoming a cartoon character. I think back to my original article on this website and it links in with this alot, turning current wrestling stars into cartoon/superhero characters. I personally would love a WWE Justice League or a WWE Secret Society cartoon feud.

Now, at seven thirty I am very tired and I am going to sleep. If you like what you read, leave a comment, tweet me (@InstantClassicH) or look for the What’s Wrong With Wrestling facebook and of course check back tomorrow for the show.

One Response to Hey Creative, Steal This!

  1. There actually is already a comic series on the web called Rival Angels. As you might have guessed, it’s a woman’s league. I really wish some mainstream publisher would pick this up, because it’s SO different for both comic and wrestling fans, and it’s much better than ANYTHING WWE could do.

    Just google it. It’s pretty easy to find.