IN THE ROOM with Kevin McElvaney

With DJ under the weather, Brady Hicks and Anthony Sarlo are joined this week IN THE ROOM by an old friend, as the long-elusive Kevin McElvaney visits the show for the first time in months. What has Kevin been up to? And what are his thoughts on CM Punk, the hottest angle wrestling has seen in years, SummerSlam, Kevin Nash, and so much more. Plus, the gang breaks down TNA Impact, taking a special look at the magpie incident from a few weeks back, and Kevin recalls a Legends ppv – historic for all the wrong reasons – he recently watched. A great listen as always!

16 Responses to IN THE ROOM with Kevin McElvaney

  1. Avatar mrakbaz
    mrakbaz says:

    great stuff!

  2. Avatar brother jermaine
    brother jermaine says:

    just wanted to let everyone know i lied about the story my mom didnt sign my trip slip to get on the short bus to go to nwa fanfest and i made up the story when my mom was changing me and i dropped my hot pocket and started to cry….

  3. Avatar Jay from Northen Ireland
    Jay from Northen Ireland says:

    Good show guys, just watching Impact at the moment (by the way in Britain its on a channel called “Challenge” which is all old game shows every day and impact once a week lol) and Angle is in the ring with what is clearly recorded boos as you can see the audience standing in silence and yet the boos played the whole way through the segment, and I mean the whole way. I do want TNA to succeed but this is just embarrassing, the fact that they air free PPV’s here used to be good, now I’d pay for a watchable one.

  4. Avatar Miolli
    Miolli says:

    Kevin who? Just kidding, anyway grate show… I was counting on ITH Reunion… Maybe another time…

  5. Avatar Caster Phoenix
    Caster Phoenix says:

    Jermaine shamooo! end of the day mate. Going by your post in the sorry x 4 topic, you did nothing to Brady when you (ahem) met at NWA and you were worried about security which means you weren’t gonna do anything so why did you confront him? That’s called HyperBolin!You should of been more like Thiller Jacko’s rather than avid merrion’s michael jackson. Bravado him with your dance moves and singing ability.

    That aside, Brady good show and I have a question! I honestly think you should change the name of this website. The name’s o.k but I think there’s a better name for this site. Wait for it…………Who’s slamming Who! By becoming best ISPW buddies with Tommy again and a little Fantasy booking chat, you could get the old name up and running again and the bolin’s and the like could come back with new wrestlers podcasting. Name’s worth a lot

    • Avatar Caster Phoenix
      Caster Phoenix says:

      One more thing tito! In the future, if you want to act the big man, do something to the person you are trolling and then run your dick licker Essentially you did nothing……………..NOTHING……………Anderson!

  6. Avatar masked avenger
    masked avenger says:

    hey caster how do you know you werent there, i saw the whole thing happen
    who the fuck wants to hear the piece of shit bolin again he calls his son catbox because he use to pay him 25 bucks to clean the cat boxes.

  7. Avatar Brother Jermaine
    Brother Jermaine says:

    Caster- Cause I knew Brady was all talk and I wouldn’t have to do anything. I was just proving my point. If he did touch me though, I was more than ready to throw down. Now that he lied to my face and to all of you about me, it will be different next time.

    By the way, I havn’t been able to listen to this week’s show yet, so I havn’t heard if Brady confessed or talked more crap yet.

    • For the record — Brother Jermaine is a troll who never approached me in Atlanta or anywhere else. He talks a lot of crap on the message board bc this site and my show are basically his whole life.

      • Avatar Brother Jermaine
        Brother Jermaine says:

        Are you serious?!?!?! Just tell the truth bro. I approached you like a man and you punked out! Now you go and lie like a little b****. Don’t be mad that I didn’t want to turn it into one of your “angles”. You’re one pathetic dude Brady.

        • Okay, enough of Billy Bitchcakes and his fiction stories. Tell me, Jermaine … where was our table positioned in the ballroom? What vendors were near us? What wrestlers were near us? What did the large ad for my site look like and say? How many guys were in our group? Who was at our table signing autographs for two out a possible four days? Which 2-1/2 days were we there? How many mics were set up? What color were they? What color was our tablecloth?

          • Avatar Brother Jermaine
            Brother Jermaine says:

            Unlike you try to portray me, I am not your stalker so I can’t tell you what color your table cloth was or how many microphones were on your table etc. Don’t try to pull these games to clear your name.

          • Exactly

  8. Avatar richard gonzalez
    richard gonzalez says:

    i think brother jermaine is telling the truth he was right there and the guy from the voc show donkey kong was protecting him, brother jermaine you look like you just got out of jail bro, stay out of trouble, its not worth it.

  9. Avatar Vince G
    Vince G says:

    Great show this week. Good to have Kev back if only for a week and Ant too. It was a shame DJ wasn’t around but 2 out of 3 ain’t bad. I’m not sure if you have told that joke on here before Brady but I found it funny or at least mildly amusing

  10. Avatar michael jackson
    michael jackson says:

    i saw brady there but i never saw my brother there, arent you suppose to be working at the kroger, what you doing starting fights with important people.