What if Raw goes off the air with Randy Orton giving CM Punk an RKO?

Thoughts, Comments??

I think it would be amazing.  Who would the fans cheer for?  They could fight for the World Title and headline PPVs.  I do like the Nash storyline…but come on-Orton/Punk would be red hot.  The next week, Orton’s music hits to open Raw- he gets on the mic and tells the WWE Universe “who the hell does CM Punk think he is, telling everyone he is the best in the world”.  He reminds the fans that he is the Viper Randy Orton-he has taken Punk out before and will do it again.  Punk’s music hits, and the two stand head to head in the ring.  The fans are chanting for both, and out of nowhere another RKO.

5 Responses to WHAT IF???

  1. Avatar kenny bolin
    kenny bolin says:

    what if i could get free happy endings after my massages at the
    old korean parlor stupid cunt.

  2. Daddy like. It was stale before, but now that they’re both about equally over it really works.

  3. Avatar Paul Elvin
    Paul Elvin says:

    Randy still doesn’t strike me as a face with his attitude/ actions. Ok, maybe he’s a ‘tweener’, which kinda says to me creative knows he’ll never get over as a face. Also, there are way too mant RKO’s lately. It used to be my fave finisher, but it’s getting old lately. What’s the answer? More punt’s to the head? A regular submission move for Randy?

  4. Avatar boom boom
    boom boom says:

    remember when orton use to do the angle slam, what the fuck is that?

  5. Avatar Ryan "RyDogg" deLorge
    Ryan "RyDogg" deLorge says:

    oh yes…watching Raw Super Show…Orton comes out when Punk is still in the ring. Is Raw giving us a small taste of things to come? Thank you Crystal Ball.