Will WWE make Punk their new Undisputed Champion?

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Hi everyone, long time no ramble. I’m back and like everyone else I’m looking at the giant and almost certainly doomed PPV looming on the horizon. The entire show has been built around one angle. A rushed but still potentially great angle that begs the question, do WWE have the balls to have CM Punk go over Cena at SummerSlam?

The simple answer is they could. Punk went over Cena at the last PPV so why not this one. There lies one of many problems. Would WWE have Cena lose two PPV main events in a row? In a perfect world they would especially since Punk seems to be the guy on the up but as we all know WWE doesn’t often do what will make the best possible product for the viewers. I don’t say that just because I’m a Punk fan and like a lot of people have no love for Cena. Building longer storylines is something WWE needs to start doing more often and in the long run having Cena not come out on top all the time will pay off . So why do I have the feeling that this whole thing is about to collapse under a wave of bad decision making?

The first reason is Cena. We have a rough idea of what will be happening involving Cena and the WWE Title from now until WrestleMania next year and it seems unlikely WWE will keep him and the title apart for long especially when he spent most of last year out of the picture. Even if WWE does decide to keep Punk at the fore and put Cena on the back burner there isn’t really anyone for him to feud with that he hasn’t already or that would seem odd considering everyone is so much further down the card. By giving themselves a definitive end point WWE has painted itself into a corner and by their track record it is hard to believe they could cope with something unexpected happening like Punk taking off the way he has.

The second reason is the Miz. He was in a similar situation to the one Punk is in now and in my opinion his push hasn’t been a total success. People keep saying that WWE are pushing new guys and to an extent they are but probably not as much as they should be. Despite the fact Miz has come on really far in the last year including a lenghty title run and winning against Cena at WM27, Miz doesn’t seem to be the big star he was meant to be. Or at least not yet. Obviously he wasn’t going to be comparable to Cena or Orton after just a few months as a main eventer but still it seems like he has lost a lot of steam over the last few months and despite saying he was a guy the company would be built around WWE seem satisfied to just let him do the press stuff whilst wandering in limbo when it comes to actual shows. To me there is a good chance the same will happen with Punk. Like Miz he is stepping up and challenging the established order. Now he is going on to talk shows and having his face on posters but similarly he could just as easily go back to being in the gap between midcarder and maineventer so many talent gus have fallen ito in the last few years. It could happen and one of the reaons I think it might is…

Alberto Del Rio. We know WWE has huge things planned for him. No matter what anyone says I truly believe ADR will become WWE champion within the next year. Most people have probably heard the rumours that ADR is pencilled in to be Champion by the time WWE heads to Mexico towards the end of the year. Obviously from a business standpoint this makes perfect sense. The main thing that may cause a problem with this plan is…

The Rock. There have been plenty of whispers going around that claim Rock will make his return to WWE at Survivor in November. Whether that is true or not we don’t know yet. What we do know is by next April either John Cena or the Rock will be WWE champion. So where does that leave Punk? Punk is still considered a heel by WWE I imagine and so unless he makes a full face turn and/or Cena leaves for a while, he is going to be right back to where he started because the is no way Punk will be going up against ADR for the title especially when Cena is meant to be the one in the mix with Rock potentially added too. To me it also makes sense that Rock will be walking into next years WM as Champion. Unless Rock wins the title at ‘Mania and feuds with Cena untill next Summerslam (like I thought would happen this year) I can’t see him coming back to challenge for the title and at no pont winning it. To me Cena will challenge Rock and Rock will lose.

Another indicator of what WWE might do is the title situation on Smackdown. WWE didn’t want it’s golden boy on that brand to get booed or considered a proper bad guy again and so they turned the guy fans had been rooting for to ensure that didn’t happen. So now instead of a great feud between a good guy and a bad guy we have been stuck with two guys that in my opinion aren’t likeable. As much as I like Christian and think Orton is a good wrestler I honestly couldn’t cheer for either one at MITB to the point where I didn’t care about the match at all. They engineered a situation where they could say they gave fans what they wanted (Christian as champ/maineventer) but made both guys kind of tweeners or at least no clear good guy so it would be down to the fans to decide who was the good guy and who was the bad knowing all along the fans wouldn’t turn on Orton. Now signs seem to point to a face Sheamus possibly being the next contender to the title. If that is the case it will be interesting to see how each guy is positioned. To WWE’s credit they havn’t stacked the deck too much either way with Cena or Punk which is one of the main reasons the feud has worked untill now. But eventually and almost certainly at Summerslam WWE will have to show its hand one way or the other.

The final hurdle in Punks way to becoming a true main eventer is HHH. The man who has spent most of the last year or so behind a desk has decided to come back into the spotlight at what could be either the best or worse time. Regardless it’s HIS time….still. So far Hunter has not got too involved in things or at least not physically. This is probably a good thing all round especially as it isn’t needed. Reports circulated about the ideas ‘creative’ had for HHH and Punks return at least one of which involved Hunter taking out Punk. Anyone with common sense could see that would have been a disaster. When someone has as much momentum as Punk there is no good reason to stop it dead. And Hunter doesn’t need anymore help getting over. Eveyone knows him already and if he chooses to be a face or a heel COO the fans will go with it regardless. Hopefully everyone can see that and HHH won’t go after Punk or cost him the title.

So with all that in mind is it possible to stay optimistic heading into Summerslam? I would say yes. You may recall (you might) I was part of the minority who said for weeks leading up to ‘Mania that Miz would walk away Champion and I was right. The reasons I thought that might happen weren’t totally right but the outcome was and hopefully that could happen again. Unlike Miz there are several signs that WWE are truly ready to accept Punk as a face of the company. First he beat Cena for the title and by WWE standards he did it relatively clean. Secondly WWE spent money on getting his ‘new’ theme tune, money they are likely to recoup with all the merchandise sales Punk is making. And if there is one thing WWE likes more than wrestling talent it is selling talent. Also Punk’s pal Colt Cabana has had at least one dark match and been backstage at a few shows recently which can be attributed largely down to Punk. And ofcourse his girlfriend is getting another push. That might be down to how thin that division is now but still these are all classic signs they really value him right now.

With that optimism in mind lets hope Summerslam won’t be a total trainwreck. And when it is at least it gives us something to talk about.

P.S. While I have you here I have an idea for next years Mania. Punk is WWE Champion, Rock wins the WH title on his show Smackdown, Cena wins the Rumble and D-Bry has his briefcase ready to cash in. With all that combined we get a four way elimination match similar to ‘Mania 2000 or TNA Sacrifice where everyone had to give something up to be a part of the title match. Between them all they crown a new Undisputed Champion. What do you think? Too Fierro or crazy enough to work?

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