Check it out this week as IN THE ROOM goes live and takes callers for the first time! This show was recorded by Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Brady Hicks, as well as DJ, last night and included a discussion of WrestleMania in Mexico, the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, the possibility of Christian winning the Royal Rumble, Memphis wrestling and GLOW, a discussion of Raw, and so much more. Check it out … and be on the lookout for new live shows EVERY MONDAY, 10 PM EST on! Thanks for the support!

12 Responses to IN THE ROOM: LIVE Edition!

  1. Avatar mrakbaz
    mrakbaz says:


  2. Avatar Brother Jermaine
    Brother Jermaine says:

    First of all, WWE didn’t announce that this would happen, they are doing a hypothetical “what if”.

    Secondly, a few weeks ago you said that they could replay the Pay-Per-Views for free after a week. I was saying that it would take away from their replay purchases. Giving away the big four for free with the channel, is NOT what you predicted at all.

    Thirdly, a few weeks ago you said that they could show Raw and Smackdown commercial free on their network. I said that they would lose advertisement dollars by doing that. This week you read that WWE said that they would have NEW wrestling programing airing on their station. They DID NOT say that they would show Raw and Smackdown commercial free.

    Where did you prove me wrong? None of your examples came true! Don’t try to be a revisionist for those who didn’t listen a few weeks ago. You’re an amateur DJ. Stop trying to sound smart.

  3. Avatar Brother Jermaine
    Brother Jermaine says:

    And did you really suggest that WWE buy ABC Brady? Get out of the wrestling bubble!!!!! WWE is NOWHERE in ABC’s league, let alone be big enough to purchase them!!!

    • Kidding, moron. Go back and listen again.

      • Avatar Brother Jermaine
        Brother Jermaine says:

        Actually, I think not. Don’t try to cover up for your blunder. Everyone listening heard your error. You were totally serious, jackass!

    • Avatar big mac
      big mac says:

      perhaps you need to clean your ears out sister jermane

  4. Avatar Vince G
    Vince G says:

    I don’t know why there is any real opposition to what DJ thinks the WWE network should be, which is also what I thought it would be too.

    At the end of the day the current way WWE PPV’s are run isn’t working and the gradual decline in buys reflects that. We can debate all day why that it is although a large reason is the lack of big name/big drawing talent at the moment. WWE know that there are tons of fans out there that still want to keep up with the product but would much rather spend hours finding and streaming a crappy lagging feed of it or download it for free to watch whenever they feel like it. Lets not forget all the older fans that might not enjoy the current product and watch TNA instead or stopped watching wrestling altogether.

    By offering more content such as the old RAW,SD,ECW,WCW etc aswell as selected PPV’s, WWE is making a much better long term investment. No on on this site pays for every single PPV that WWE runs because they don’t feel it is worth it. On the other hand I would be much more willing to spend 5$, $10 $15 a month (or £ equivalent) for all the old footage, cut down dvd content, new shows and selected PPVs and I doubt I am the only one.

    So instead of me paying MAYBE 50$ to $100+ a year on their product I might now spend a GUARANTEED $60 to $120+ dollars depending on subscription or however they go about charging for it. And again I imagine more people that usually stream illegally would be willing to pay for more content if they felt it was worth it.

    Not only that but WWE would have much greater control over advertisement which is where they would also make money.

    So yeah in the short term it might hurt business but over a couple of years or at least untill interest in the product picks up I think the ‘proposed’ idea is a good one.

  5. Avatar Jason
    Jason says:

    I think Vince pretty much hits on the key points. For as much as I cant stand the NY Yankees they have pretty much revolutionized the way to make money for a sports franchise that is not in the NFL. Back in the day the Yankees used to sell their programming to MSG Network with some games going to WPIX or WWOR on network TV. As they rebuilt their image in the mid-late 1990s they decided to gamble on their own TV network. While they have Nets games (which nobody watches) its primarily a station that is devoted to the Yankees with old games, features on Yankees., etc…Its a cash cow because they hold the rights to their games. It directly led to the Mets doing the same thing and their channel is basically worth more than the team itself in terms of generating revenues.

    So it should not be a shock for WWE to do the same. The one problem the WWE has is selling advertising since they dont charge a premium for ads and dont get all companies to consider advertising. I cant remember if it was the deal with Spike or the old Smackdown show where the WWE was basically getting a higher percentage of the ad revenue rather than the high TV rights fees and I guess that was a big money loser for them. Id imagine the “new programming” off the bat is Nxt and Tough Enough and eventually will lead to Smackdown coming to the network as a trial run. Smackdown is on a bad station now and Im sure the WWE would hate to see it cancelled. At least this way they can claim they simply want it as the flagship for their network.

    If you package a station with the NFL Network you are going to get tons of subscribers. Those are big cash inflows. If they were to actually move the PPVs to their cable channel it also removes all the questions from stockholders about declining buyrates and getting creamed by the UFC on PPV. Though McMahon controls the company and could never be replaced by stockholders this is a new thing for them and its made the company look pretty weak since the WWE hasnt grown much and all their attempts at outside ventures like movies have failed. A wrestling channel really brings them back to their core business.

  6. You know, it’s also interesting because recently WWE took out debt financing for the first time ever. Scary time for them but sometimes you have to take a big risk to get a big reward.

  7. Brady, Bobby Heenan didn’t have a stable. He had a family. A stable is where you keep your horses.

    • I forgot the Barbarian and Rick Rude were related.

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