Live ITR Fan Conclave Coverage !!!

Hey guys! THE Brady Hicks here, Pro Wrestling Illustrated contributing writer and the host of the IN THE ROOM podcast right here on I am so excited to be bringing you all DAILY COVERAGE from this weekend’s ITR Fan Conclave in Philadelphia.

Check back here frequently as I provide updates each night from the weekend festivities.

Monday, September 19, 2011
Took Big Ern and Vince Gillett into the city again, this time to run the steps of the Art Museum, like Rocky, and to eat lunch at the Oregon Diner where many from ECW once sat after shows. Later, the two sat in for a special edition of IN THE ROOM

Sunday, September 18, 2011
Fox and Hound in King of Prussia for the WWE Night of Champions PPV. Those in attendance included myself, DJ, Kevin McElvaney, lawyer Tim Graham, Andy Bernard, listeners Vince Gillett, Big Ern, and Andrew, plus The VOC Nation!

Saturday, September 17, 2011
Took Big Ern and Vince Gillett into the city for cheesesteaks (neither of them got them) at Tony Lukes and a tour of the ECW Arena prior to hitting up the Devastation Wrestling Federation show in nearby Pennsauken, New Jersey. On a side, I spent a good bit of the day visiting with Ratboy and his family as well. Great night all around, even if the DWF show did last 5+ hours.

Friday, September 16, 2011
TNA in Rahway, New Jersey with Vince Gillett, Big Ern, and Jason from the board, IN THE ROOM’s DJ, and The VOC Nation’s Albert AC Smooth! A very good show, even though TNA failed to deliver the comp tickets I had been promised. Main saw Kurt Angle retain the TNA World title vs. Ken Anderson. Plenty of opportunities to interact with Kurt, Jeff Jarrett, Winter, and Earl Hebner. Invited by Austin Aries – another good personal friend of myself and the show – to a local establishment nearby, where there was INCREDIBLE food and AWESOME company. So many great things to say about the whole experience, but I have to start off by saying it has been a real pleasure to get the chance to meet and hang out with so many of the great fans who make this site all that it is (and so much more). Big Ern is a trip … very friendly and sociable, much like Vince. We are really blessed at IN THE ROOM. It is also always a pleasure to catch up with Jason, who has been a great friend for a number of years (a friendship that has only grown as IN THE ROOM and continue to grow as well). It was a very fun night. Can’t wait to post the group picture with former guest Kurt Angle. On a side, despite remembering me in May, Kurt had no idea who I was or what our show was when I saw him tonight. Guess it’s all in the timing !! On a final side note, good news from the homefront as Ratboy is out of the hospital and recuperating with family. I’m hoping to visit with him very soon, but am so happy he is at least back in a place he belongs. Special thanks to all those who have sent their thoughts and prayers.

Thursday, September 15, 2011
Went down to the airport to pick up Vince Gillett. Not at all what I expected. Apparently, we’ve been calling him “Vince Gillett” (like the razor) when his real name is pronounced “Vince Gillett” (pronounced like “skillet” or, as DJ put it, “kill it”). Never even occurred to me. Vince Gill-it told me he had an Austin Aries-esque beard, so I immediately had flashbacks to picking up A-Double earlier this year at the same airport, and seeing him walking through the terminal like Ric Flair. Woooo! Haha, more like a Tool hoodie and grey jeans for Vince, but it’s all good. Vince is from Southampton in the UK. And he apparently LOVES to drink Guinness. That’s the kind of cutting-edge insight you can only get here on this site. Seriously, I don’t know what the British like to drink but I was surprised to see it is a popular Irish beer. Vince did reveal he might possibly be related to the fine Guinness name. I knew I liked that guy! By the time I got him to the hotel and Vince checked in, the only nearby bar we could find was a TGI Friday’s. Good time though. The bartender was this cute young lady named Jordan. She seemed fascinated he would fly all the way from the UK only to come to Friday’s. Also a bit awkward trying to explain why one male “Internet friend” would fly thousands of miles to visit another male “Internet friend” he had never met. So, to recap … night one: Vince Gill-it is in town, and he loves Guinness. Local listener Netter stopped by too. Check back tomorrow as Big Ern arrives and a few of us visit the TNA house show in Rahway, New Jersey!

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