Mat Minutiae: Episode IV

Mike Bessler is back with another installment of Mat Minutiae!  This time, Mike looks at the latest in WWE and TNA trading cards. Also, he shares updates on the state of his  contract negotiations with as well some news on his search for a new sidekick.

Also, the show includes some info on a special new promotion called “Mat Minutiae SweepstakesMania-O-Rama!”

You’d have to be a real ass to pass this one up.  Seriously.

10 Responses to Mat Minutiae: Episode IV

  1. The Big Bossman or Akeem (inter-changeable)

    • Avatar Mike Bessler
      Mike Bessler says:

      No, I’m sorry; that is incorrect.

  2. Avatar mrakbaz
    mrakbaz says:

    thanks for the plug my favorite wrestler, lets go with Y2J! Chris Jeriicho

    • Avatar Mike Bessler
      Mike Bessler says:

      Absolutely no sweat on the plug! The pleasure is all mine.

      As for your favorite wrestler, I am sorry but “Y2J” is incorrect.


  3. Curt Hennig?

    • Avatar Mike
      Mike says:

      No, I am sorry but Curt Hennig is not your favorite wrestler.

  4. John Cena

  5. Mcintyre is the face of superstars. Its a really entertaining show and it would be cool if they had a superstars title to defend weekly in the main event.

  6. Mat Minutiae is indeed a great show as this show gives info about wrestlers from WWE and TNA. I am a great wrestling fan and I will definately watch this show.

  7. Thanks for sharing the information.This is really a great show to view and he is like a superstar.I have viewed few of his shows and really after watching his i became a fan of him.