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WWE does not just say things to say things…WWE does not just film things to film things…WWE is very precise in regards to what they show and tell the audience.  If Ric Flair is not in the WWE you will not see any cameraman focus on a “Wooooooooooo” sign in the audience.  If Kurt Angle is in TNA then his name will not be mentioned when the all American American Jack Swagger slaps on the ankle lock.  These points might seem obvious, but once in a while one can get some hints to a new WWE direction by paying close attention to what is said and shown at a WWE arena. For example-Almost a decade ago I started to see WWE camera men start focusing in on nWo signs in the crowd-this was not by accident.  I had a feeling WWE was going to bring in the nWo.  After a couple months of subtle almost subliminal nWo hints WWE brought in the nWo (Hogan, Hall, and Nash) at the 2002 No Way Out PPV.  WWE shows and tells you things for a reason.  There is always going to be a “Cena Sux” sign in the audience, but WWE only shows you it if it helps the direction of the storyline at that time.  This theory brings us to today.  Has anyone else noticed the mention of Hulk Hogan’s name over the last couple of months in WWE?  WWE wrestlers do not just say the name of the biggest star in TNA (their competition) for no reason.  I promise you will not hear Eric Bischoff, Vince Russo, AJ Styles, or Mr. Anderson (Kennedy) come out of CM Punks mouth during one of his promos any time soon.  WWE is slowing feeding us the name “Hulk Hogan”…Cena, HHH, and Punk have all mentioned his name over the last couple of months.  This brings me to why?  Well I guess only time will tell.  Hogans TNA contract is about to expire next month-this leaves the door open for a WWE return-I mean who better to be the special guest referee when the Rock faces Cena at WrestleMania?

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    Interesting theory