The Bolin Alley-2

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Much longer than anticipated, The Bolins ask the chat room and listeners many questions regarding current and past wrestlers. The Rock returning at Survivor Series, Greg Valentine no showing Randy Savage tribute show, wrestlers that should have been world title holders, and much more!

Show available courtesy of Amp’d Radio.

9 Responses to The Bolin Alley

  1. Avatar Belongamick
    Belongamick says:

    If anyone else is having trouble getting the amped radio forum site to load or play click the podcasts tab on the front of the site and it’ll take you to a clean download page with all the content past and present there without having to navigate the graphical maze.

    Might be an idea for your site Hicks, this place is a mess.


    • Why, does the player not work? I find it all works really well from mine. You can just grab the RSS feed if you like that format better.

  2. Avatar Miolli
    Miolli says:

    The Bolin Alley on WSW was much better…

    • Avatar blabbermouth
      blabbermouth says:

      No it wasn’t…it was a bunch of dudes on a phone who’d get cut off every 5 minutes because podomatic limitations. WSW was HORRIBLE.

      • They got cut off bc Tommy had a unified messaging line designed to leave short voicemails, not hour-long podcasts.

        • Avatar blabbermouth
          blabbermouth says:

          Which is why it was still crap. Collection of great talent, designed and operated like crap.

  3. Avatar technojojo
    technojojo says:

    Great stuff…wish he didn’t charge though.

    • Avatar Rob Dicken
      Rob Dicken says:

      He doesn’t…free to everyone on Friday nights at 12AM Live over at AMP’D and Angry Marks!

  4. Avatar mrakbaz
    mrakbaz says:

    that show was worth 10 cents, waka waka