Harry Barnett Suspended for Wellness Violation

Photo by Harry Barnett

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 25, 2011 – In accordance with its Talent Wellness Program, TheBradyHicks.com (TBH.com) has suspended Harry Barnett for 30 days for his first violation of the company’s policy. He will still be permitted to leave comments on the site and message board, but is not permitted to blog or podcast his weekly What’s Wrong With Wrestling program during this period. Said Brady Hicks of the suspension, “While ‘talent’ is a loosely used term in this case, my concern for Harry’s wellness is related mostly to the fact that his health is in serious jeapardy should he continue to run his mouth. It is my hope that Harry uses his time off from the site to regroup and recollect himself, and come back driven to make his show better than it currently is.”

11 Responses to Harry Barnett Suspended for Wellness Violation

  1. HAHAHAHA and I quit the show too, without me and without this site… who will actually listen to this show?!

  2. Avatar mrakbaz
    mrakbaz says:

    Good luck…

  3. Avatar technojojo
    technojojo says:

    Couldn’t have happened to a more evil person. Recharge and return soon.

  4. Akbaz: Thank you, when I destroy this site and everything on it… The Akbaz legacy will remain as it is… as great as it is i should say.

    Technojojo: Thanks but there is nothing wrong, this is one of Hicks’ stupid games. Ever since the conversation where The Source was revealed was recorded 2 weeks ago, Brady decided he had a problem. I will put an end to this when he least expects it.

    Nathan/Fake Source/Or as I know you… Samoa: What can I say, you coward! I knew money dictated your actions but the very fact is I made you who you are, not Hicks. If it wasn’t for my kind… sorry STUPID act, you would have never had the chance to air your poison each week. You ungrateful bas…. you get the idea.

    Folks at TBH.com, this is far from over.

  5. Avatar Pat Piper
    Pat Piper says:

    Wow! If I had a show I wouldn’t last a week here.

  6. Avatar Brother Jermaine
    Brother Jermaine says:

    Must have been the steroids. That’s why he lost all of his hair.

  7. Jermaine, I didn’t lose my hair… I got rid of it. You hate Hicks, we should work something out for when I take over this site.

    • Avatar mrakbaz
      mrakbaz says:

      take the time off and play batman: arkham city bro!

  8. Akbaz, I will be taking NO time off. I will continue What’s Wrong With Wrestling at –EDITED OUT BY BRADY– and many many more websites that Brady Hicks cannot inforce a plastic suspension upon.

    This site will be destroyed. I am an evil person and I have come to TheBradyHicks.com to put it to death much like Brady Hicks put the entity known as The Source to death.

  9. You can edit out all you like Hicks, when I destroy your site… there won’t be anything left to edit!