Hulk Hogan Has a Screw Loose, Brother.

The title of this article should not come as a shock to anyone who has been paying attention to The Hulkster for the past several years. His public appearances have been rife with contradictions. His demeanor has become more unpredictable, and even he has admitted that another appearance in a wrestling match would be out of the question. And yet, here he is, about to headline another pay-per-view (TNA’s Bound for Glory) this evening. I’ll be in attendance, with my cringe face at the ready.

It gets more ridiculous, though, than Hulk’s continued attempts to cash in on his own legacy “one last time.” Hogan, obviously fed up with the environment of TNA, has resorted to trying to start a program with – who else? – the leader of the free world. Incensed by Obama’s use of Rick Derringer’s “Real American” at the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Hogan has renounced his previous, meaningless endorsement of the President. For those who’ve never seen Obama’s “Real American” entrance video, check it out below:

“I kinda was a little upset that he didn’t ask me permission to use my music,” Hogan said on a recent edition of the popular morning show, Fox & Friends.

First of all, Hogan’s claim that “Real American” is somehow his music is ludicrous. The song was written by Rick Derringer and licensed to Vince McMahon and Titan Sports for their use. It was originally assigned by McMahon to be played during the entrance of the USA Express tag team, comprised of Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo. This can be verified by a simple listen to WWF’s 1985 musical LP, The Wrestling Album. Sure, Hogan’s popular WWF run was the most famous use of the song, but the copyright doesn’t belong to him. If it did, you can be sure Hogan would be entering to “Real American” in his present day TNA run.

It gets worse, of course. “The change of heart,” Hulk told Fox & Friends, “is that I think I should be president.”

“I know nothing about politics,” he continued. “I think a flat tax across the board would straighten everything out.”

Sounds confident enough to get my vote, anyway.

Is he serious? Well, the answer is that of course he’s not serious. We will never see a legitimate effort by anyone from the world of kayfabe other than, perhaps, Linda McMahon – or, in some post-apocalyptic world run by conspiracy nuts, maybe Jesse Ventura – to run for President of the United States. What Hogan is attempting to do, then, is to engage Obama in a public way; to get a soundbyte or two of rebuttal from Obama which will, Hulk kids himself, enhance the Immortal One’s public image.

In reality, this just comes across as cheap. It’s the latest ploy by Hogan to ride the waves of public trends and opinions. It’s a desperate attempt to remain relevant, and no one’s buying it.

With all of this said, I grew up a Hulkamaniac. A big part of me wants to see Hogan cut the crap and get his priorities straight. He’s charismatic and recognizable. If he could just show the class and restraint of a Shawn Michaels or a Sting he might yet have something to contribute to the world of wrestling. Here’s hoping.

11 Responses to Hulk Hogan Has a Screw Loose, Brother.

  1. Avatar Brother Jermaine
    Brother Jermaine says:

    No one gives a shit what you say. Yes, you hate Hogan. Blah Blah Blah…Give it a rest.

  2. Avatar Brother Jermaine
    Brother Jermaine says:

    Great generic comment! You are the witty one.

  3. Good job as always Kev. BFG was … fun too btw.

  4. Avatar Kevin McElvaney
    Kevin McElvaney says:

    Thanks! I had a good time. 3-4 solid, good matches. Hogan-Sting was done as well as it could’ve been given the situation. Bubba-Anderson stole the show, which caught me by surprise.

    • I enjoyed RVD-Lynn and Aries-Kendrick a lot too.

      • Avatar Jason
        Jason says:

        Didnt see the show but was RVD/Lynn actually good or two guys back in Philly attempting to do a bunch of spots they did over a decade ago and people going crazy for it? Kind of like Flair/Steamboat in 1994 That being said I always thought Lynn/RVD was kid of overrated though I used to love the few RVD/Sabu matches that most would probably say were a guy doing a spot followed by either RVD kicking the mat or Sabu rolling around for no reason

        • RVD-Lynn struck me as two guys who realized this was probably their last time together … and I thought the match didn’t disappoint. It was definitely a notch below their 30-minute draws from 12 years ago, but still both guys–and Lynn in particular–really took a lot of risks to make the match good.

        • Avatar mrakbaz
          mrakbaz says:

          i just felt like these guys are to old to be doing the hardcore bs, for what they gave us when they were young they dont have to prove nothing to nobody you cant recreate magic in pro wrestling, you just fuken cant. the worst ending for a match was the daniels/ aj match come on man! come on! hopefully that link works
          chek it out its bound for glory replay

  5. Avatar Pat Piper
    Pat Piper says:

    It’s not like Hogan holds the rights to the song.

    • Avatar Jason
      Jason says:

      Yeah but everyone on the planet associates that song with him. He still the most recognizable wrestler in the world. He was in Obamas video though which should count for something.