Squash Match Sunday

Little introduction to this article series:

• 3 matches will be spotlighted every Sunday morning based on their nostalgic qualities, their in-ring performances, their campiness, and their performers’ contributions to today’s wrestling world.
• Will always showcase the big 3 (WWF/E, WCW, TNA).
• Will sprinkle in some ECW every now and then. We don’t want TOO much bloodshed too early in the morning, now do we?
• Not EVERY match will be a squash, but it’s always nice to see the fan favorite totally dominate.
• Main event of Squash Match Sunday will normally have a title on the line, and will ALWAYS be a quality wrestling match.

…Let’s get to the action!


A young Mark Henry takes on an over the hill “Man They Call” Vader at WWF Fully Loaded 1998 in our Early Bird Special match here on Squash Match Sunday. Enjoy the oversized squash, as well as vintage JR and the King commentary.



In our Mid Card Hangover match of the morning, we have Lord STEVEN Regal tangle up with Macho Man Randy Savage on a 1996 episode of Monday Nitro. Gotta love the classic technical wrestling heel taking on the brawling face. ESPECIALLY if that heel comes out with a manager named JEEVES!

Things to keep an eye/ear out for:

• Schiavone definitely mentioned the Dungeon of Doom AND Faces of Fear in the same breath. GOD I miss this era of wrestling!
• Fireworks…during a match…to signify the second hour of Nitro…Vince was probably SO jealous of this idea when he first saw that.
• THIS match is why our youth has ADD. A million things going on in the background, meanwhile the primary event gets drowned out. Way to go, Eric!



In honor of Big Show and “Sexual Champion” Mark Henry’s ring-collapsing performance last Sunday at Vengeance, I present to you YOUR main event of the morning…Taz vs. Bam Bam Bigelow at ECW Heatwave 1998 for the FTW World Heavyweight Championship

Your main event worthy commentary of the afternoon:

• Shane Douglas doing color commentary? …I’ll allow it.
• Fan in an ICP shirt? …I’m gonna have to ask you to leave.
• I’m happy I found this video. It’s so rare to see an ECW match spill to the outside of the ring.
• Hearing Joey Styles saying the words “fujiwara armbar” gave me chills.
• Skip to the 15 minute mark for the proverbial ‘money shot’.


Well that about does it from my end, enjoy your Sunday afternoon. Now in honor of Halloween being tomorrow, here’s a BONUS video from Squash Match Sunday: “Hot Rod” Rowdy Roddy Piper, with Vince McMahon, preparing bricks for the little children in his RENTED American home. Enjoy!

4 Responses to Squash Match Sunday

  1. Avatar Jason
    Jason says:

    More good stuff. Nice little Taz/Bigelow match but the real good through the ring match comes from Living Dangerously. I was at that show and everyone went crazy when it happened. The match after it may have been one of the worst of all time but nobody cared because the Taz spot was so unique.

    Anyone know what happened to Vader? He is one of those rare high level guys to just never come back in any form and is just totally forgotten it seems. He main evented WCW for Id say two years and was in WWF main events for at least 6 months. He never seemed to make an appearance again in the US after leaving the WWF.

  2. Avatar Anthony
    Anthony says:

    Taz Bambam, one of my faves

  3. Avatar Young John
    Young John says:

    To be honest, I couldn’t find the Living Dangerously match on Youtube. THAT was an amazing match. I’ve been in Philly my whole life and never once saw an ECW event down at Swanson and Ritner. Saw CZW every now and then, but it can’t compare I’m sure.

    Seems like Vader got big at a weird stage in professional wrestling. If he came in a few years later, I feel like Vince would have snagged him up sooner if that makes sense.

  4. Avatar Young John
    Young John says:

    Anthony: Taz vs. Bam Bam always made for a good match. Taz being the suplex machine, and Bam Bam being a big guy who could actually pull off aerial maneuvers? Can’t ask for anything better!