The Bolin Alley-3

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This episode of The Bolin Alley is courtesy of AMP’d Radio. SPECIAL GUEST: RICO CONSTANTINO! The Prince was feeling under the weather, and Kenny decided to give Rico Constantino a call to appear on the show! A MUST listen!!

4 Responses to The Bolin Alley

  1. Avatar Pat Piper
    Pat Piper says:

    Rico was awesome! I’m glad he’s doing well.

  2. Avatar blabbermouth
    blabbermouth says:

    Good to know he’s doing good…seems most wrestlers of this era fall off a cliff when they leave the industry.

  3. Avatar big mac
    big mac says:

    hes a fucken security guard whats the big deal, he was such a fag in the wwe.

    • Avatar blabbermouth
      blabbermouth says:

      A United States Marshall is a security guard?