What’s Wrong With… The Host?!

Well, it’s a strange week to be said. I didn’t think I would be returning to this site let alone writing for it again. To channel my inner Armando Estrada….. “For those of you who haven’t heard… ha ha” The Source’s identity was revealed this past Saturday.
Some may know who he is via facebook, twitter or on other sites that the show is posted but then again, most of you here at TBH.co will not, I’ll leave it until my show is posted for you to find out. I refuse to comment on the situation until then also.

So that moves me onto this week, Im thinking of giving TNA another chance. I mean they’ve just made *** Yes a SPOILER ahead *** James Storm, the new World TNA Champion and although you may not like this or think it is stupid, I like it. They may have made it happen in a stupid way but I like it. I will follow up on this on my show along with a RAW review.

Until then internet fooooooooooooools, I leave you now to go back to my metropolis mansion to play my DC Universe Online on PS3. It’s been a great week and now it ends great.
HA you think they bought all of that crap? Hey wait, is this thing still on.. oops!!!!!!!!!!

2 Responses to What’s Wrong With… The Host?!

  1. Avatar mrakbaz
    mrakbaz says:

    im totally into batman arkham city for ps3 its awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Avatar harry
    harry says:

    not tried it yet but w/your recomendation I prob will. you should try dcuo once its free to play (next week i believe) its great!