What’s Wrong With Wrestling — THE SOURCE REVEALED!

Harry Barnett and Nathan Gonzalez present What’s Wrong With Wrestling!


5 Responses to What’s Wrong With Wrestling — THE SOURCE REVEALED!

  1. Avatar technojojo
    technojojo says:

    Wow I never thought Harry was a jobber…an evil jobber at that.
    And the source IS revealed…and it’s not Akbaz! Had most of us
    fooled…TNA style swerve in the end.

  2. Avatar harry
    harry says:

    jobber…. how dare you!! its a shame it wasnt akbaz… im sure he wouldn’t have turned on me!! and it wasnt a tna style swerve… because mine was actually good!!

    • Harry…let’s face it. It was only good because I was involved.

  3. Avatar harry
    harry says:

    Remind me, who are you again? I know Fierro… that was a good show. Herro, I and many other people loved that episode… Harrison was great! But remind me… who are you again?

    • I’m your boss. The one who doesn’t charge you for your crappy show.