Bowling Shoe Handsome #3 – Harry Barnett Speaks Out!

At long last, the new webmaster of has his chance to tell his side of the story. Join hosts Kevin McElvaney and Young John as they welcome the man brave enough to step up to the podcastic tyranny of Brady Hicks. Listen as Harry reviews the events which led up to the imminent implosion and rebirth of What made Brady jealous of Mr. Barnett? And what did he do which finally pushed our new webmaster over the edge? Finally, find out what Brady might be able to do to prevent his site from being changed forever – yes, Brady, it is still possible to stop this!

All that, plus the hosts talk the Montreal Screwjob, the new professional relationship between TNA and OVW, Paranormal Activity 3, and more! Click below to listen.

5 Responses to Bowling Shoe Handsome #3 – Harry Barnett Speaks Out!

  1. Avatar KevinMcElvaney
    KevinMcElvaney says:

    Brady, I did NOT write this description! I swear to you.

  2. Avatar webmaster
    webmaster says:

    This interview is nothing short of amazing. Both hosts and guests should be nominated for the wrestling radio awards. Congratulations Gentlemen and your welcome. If your out there Hicks, these two deserve pushing!

  3. Avatar mrakbaz
    mrakbaz says:

    thanks for the mention guys admiral akbaz is funny, im more of a star trek tng fan! engage! i think the screw job was a work because i met percy pringle at a nwa show and asked him and he told me he thought it was a work and i respect his opinion,and bradys opinion also , also the documentary being made? come on? it was really well done i still have the video on vhs! are you guys joining the book club?

  4. Avatar Belongamick
    Belongamick says:

    Glad to see Young John back from obscurity after Hick’s jealously of him getting over so well ITR saw him jobbing out the occassional article.

    Is there a way to download this file?


  5. Harry Barnett can barely tie his own shoe laces, let alone hack a website. Why would anyone actually take this retard seriously? He shit himself in the shower at school!