Mat Minutiae: Big Doings and the Like

Hot on the heels of the greatest “sixth episode anniversary special” in the history of, this here’s the latest installment of the curious spectacle known to laypersons as Mat Minutiae. In this installment, Internet pseudojournalist Mike B — still basking in the glow of last episode’s symphony of awesomeness — offers a preview of POWW‘s upcoming WrestleRage IX event. He also rolls out a new mini-featurette called “Bootleg Shakedown,” spotlighting the collected matches of the Tommy Dreamer/Raven feud from the heyday of the original ECW. Somewhere along the way, Mike throws out mad props to the likes of In Your Head Wrestling, Mr. Akbaz, Sunday Morning Squash Match and others. Most importantly, Mike interviews Li’L Betsy Bruiser, the youngest female competitor in the history of professional wrestling. Yeah, no kidding.


Truth be told, it’s practically a crime that you get this much entertainment for free. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

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    mrakbaz says:

    good stuff thanks for the mention
    modified bautista bomb lol, was really funny.