The Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment

I can always smell what the Rock is cooking.  I mean is he or is he not the Great One?  Great look, great wrestler, and boy oh boy is he great on the mic.  Yes I am marking out fully, but honestly when the Rock is on Raw I remember why I like wrestling.

I got Goosebumps just watching his Titantron promo last night on Raw.  I honestly feel there is nobody in the two major wrestling companies today that brings it like the Rock.  I mean we have Cena, HHH, Hogan, Flair, and at the top of my list Punk…but nobody not even Punk handles the “Pipe Bomb” like Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson.

The Rock is the only wrestler to ever make a “good” movie (although I do love “No Holds Barred”), but in the ring he still has “IT”.  Most wrestlers are predictable…I mean I no longer care when Stone Cold comes back for an appearance-It is almost cliché…Glass breaks, the bird is flipped, someone gets stunned, and beer is drunk.  I no longer care when Bret Hart comes back for an appearance…Music hits, Shawn/Vince screwed Bret is brought up, some Canadian flag is shown in the crowd, and a sad attempt at a sharp shooter is applied.  I no longer care if Shawn Michael’s comes back…for one- it is way too soon, and ever since he found Jesus he has no edge-if it is not the original DX Shawn Michael’s crotch chopping all over the ring, then I could care less.  I hate to say it but Hogan no longer gets me to sit up in my seat.  My favorite main eventer of all time has definitely lost a step and his promos are always the same Brotha.

BUT the Rock…he is the most electrifying man in sports entertainment.  Last night he even made what could have been a very predictable promo electrifying.  Everyone already new he would say yes, I mean last week did we not already know Cena would choose the Rock?  So last night the Rock gets on the mic, rips Cena apart, turns down his offer and then spins it into a yes for Survivor Series.  Everyone knew he was going to say yes, but the Rock said yes only as the Rock can say yes.  He made the predictable unpredictable…in a nutshell that is why the Rock is the most electrifying man in sports entertainment-he makes the predictable unpredictable

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