Guest Commentary: Former WWE Diva Maryse

Photo by Mike Mastrandrea

On Being a Fan:
“I just loved the way all those people would come out onto the stage and get in the ring. I loved the way they performed in front a live crowd. I told all my friends that one day I would become a Diva.”

On Competing in The Diva Search:
I flew to L.A. for three days. I will never forget my experience. I was so nervous; they made me do four auditions before choosing me for the TV show. I remember The Miz being one of the Diva search judges and he asked me to cut a promo on stage in front of everybody. He saw I couldn’t speak the language, and then asked me to cut a promo in French. To this day, they say I had by far the best promo of all the 10,000 girls that tried out and that if I could have cut a promo in English the way I did in French, it would be absolutely amazing.”

 On Winning the Title:
“I was so happy winning that title. I will never forget that moment I won the belt. As it was a big accomplishment for me. After only six months of competing in the women’s division, I was the champion. I was the first Diva to have won the [Diva’s] championship twice and I hold the longest reign with 216 days, so I’m proud of that.”

On Being a “Bad Girl”:
“The persona I played was 100% my creation. I told WWE Creative that I wanted to be a heel. I was always a babyface in developmental, but I’m a great actress. I can make you believe whatever I want you to believe, that’s what I told them when pitching the character, I loved my heel persona.”

On Managing Ted DiBiase:
“I liked the idea when they pitched it to me. I’m always open to new ideas; however we’re not in an era of managers. Like 10 years ago, things have changed a lot; we were given little so we tried to do our best with what they give us. You never really know with the WWE. Everything can change, and change the very last minute, I wish they would have given us more. I believe we could have made it to WrestleMania that year.”

On Leaving the Company:
“I just want better and bigger and I want to be performing on the big screen, I am working on a big project called House Of Maryse, which will be launching in summer 2012. It will be my clothing and jewelery selection and will be available in more than 500 stores in the U.S. and online at I knew in my heart that I wanted to leave WWE for a long time. I’m a business woman. I need to build and grow and I didn’t have any interest in the WWE anymore. I was like, next! My manager was happy when he heard of my release. He said to me, ‘Now we can start working on the serious stuff.’ I’m ready for a new chapter in my life. I have been with the WWE for six fantastic years, but now I want to do more.”

On Her Wrestling Future:
“I would go back to WWE, for a million dollars and a main event match at Wrestlemania. But, no TNA.”

Courtesy of Darren Wood and our friends at Slam! Wrestling


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