Guest Commentary: TNA President Dixie Carter

Photo by Eric Rosen

I don’t care who you are, competition makes you better. There’s a reason there’s  a Lowe’s across the street from every Home Depot and a CVS across the street  from every Walgreens. I think we’ve made WWE  better, just as they’ve improved us. We’re not just a wrestling company anymore. We do our own booking. We do  our own promotion and public relations. We’re a licensing company. We have toys,  Halloween costumes, trading cards. We make our own music. All of those things  are sold and promoted around the world. But we still do more than 500 hours of  television a year.

4 Responses to Guest Commentary: TNA President Dixie Carter

  1. Avatar Anthony
    Anthony says:


    Hire me and I will fix your storylines so those products you make all around the world SELL!

  2. Avatar mrakbaz
    mrakbaz says:

    your analogy is mediocre at best how can you compare retail competition to whatever industry you think your in, you can mass produce your crap, i mean trading card, toys, but if nobody buys your crap because your company is not very good makes no sense, and producing 500 hours of television, you think any of those 500 hours changed or helped shaped the direction of your company, i think not.
    i hate you dixie.

    • Avatar dividebyzero
      dividebyzero says:


  3. Avatar technojojo
    technojojo says:

    Perhaps if more competition were out there TNA and WWE would improve…it product is REAL bad right now and unless Cena does a heal turn things won’t
    get much better any time soon.