Mat Minutiae: Trivial Pursuits

Here ’tis after a murderously long three-week hiatus, it’s the brand freakin‘ new episode of Mat Minutiae! In this episode, Mike B. all kinds of self-indulgent rigmarole including the all new, senses-shattering Minutiae Syllable Whiskey Triple Threat Trivia Holiday Crap Contest Extravaganza. Also, Mike is joined on the celebrity hotline by someone with a name that sounds an awful lot like “Tevin Backilswainey.” Maybe. You’re just going to have to listen and figure it out for yourselves, okay?

By the way, post your answers to the trivia question in the comments section below. Really, act like you give a damn for once in your life and just do it.

Also, in case anyone is wondering, I’d really like to get a shot at the In Your Head Wrestling Prize Wheel this week.

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